1.8.B Server Updates


Welcome to Portal Quest 1.8.B!


As we continue to compile lots of great feedback from over the holidays, we’re releasing some cap increases to hold Servers 3 & 4 over! This update also marks the introduction of Server 5: Ring of Fire. Expect these changes to go live Monday at 2pm CT.

Server 3 Changes

  • Team Level Cap increased to 80 (Up from 75)
  • Guild Level Cap increased to 4 (Up from 3)
  • New Heroes:
    • Salty Merc will appear in the Arena Shop, replacing Forest Hermit
    • Whirling Dagger will now drop in Gold Chests
  • Existing Heroes:
    • Forest Hermit will move to Elite Campaign Chapters 6-8

Server 4 Changes

  • Team Level Cap increased to 70 (Up from 60)
  • Hero Rarity Cap increased to Purple +1 (Up from Purple +0)
  • Campaign Chapter 8 will be available
  • New Heroes:
    • Stone Guard will be available in Chapter 8

Server 5 Opening

Join the newest Server as it opens and start at the top of the ranks with everyone else!

Lack of a Server 4 update

Server 1 seems like the beta server… with PerBlue basically learning from their mistakes, and making fixed for the other servers. SMH…


I’m all for growth and expansion and success, but I have to agree with @Ruffriders23. With the generic, scripted answers from support on tickets and the number of known issues, bugs, complaints, etc. that are still out there, I would vote for a little more concrete fixes to servers 1-4 before adding a 5th.


All fixes are available to all servers at once.


There isnt a single bug fix. Only cap increases and hero swaps. All bug fixes are on all servers ^.^

But yea. Server 1 need some loving:p maybe a epic skill drop of 5-10 epics a day minimum giving the fact that u kill a boss and then the drop goes to 1 drop a boss.

Its not the place to ask for that but still. Lol


And this is bad Why? Wanting to improve something people enjoy is good.


As far as epic goes, id just be content with a guaranteed epic gear shard per boss. And maybe somewhat smaller first few floors in epic. I dont mind having to reset daily at like floor 5 lol if it just pays up a little more. Also please no more cap increases for a while, I understand that the whales already are long at 95 and have most of their heroes there at orange, but even moderate spenders have a hard time keeping up. I had the misfortune of joining the server a little late and have been playing catchup ever since lol


I agree its hard to play catch up. I can’t afford to mad out my credit card.lo


“As far as epic goes, id just be content with a guaranteed epic gear shard per boss”

I agree there wholeheartedly. Nothing worse than killing an Epic boss, only to get more materials that I could get in endless dungeon.


ALSO… another needed fix is when playing Dungeon, can we NOT get 2 of the “torches will not expire” wells on the same floor? I can’t tell you how many times I get 2 of those wells on the same floor. If I have endless torches already… then the 2nd one should give me torches back for every space I move!


Yo tenía el nivel 75 al máximo y se ha puesto a cero


i had 3 torch welfare wells on one floor… :smiley: it would be nice if we could stack them up, like… if you get 2 torch welfare wells, the next floor does not burn torches either.

also i often can’t really tell apart the colours from afar, but i’m not sure as to how that could be optimized.
(sorry for the thread hijacking :grimacing:)


I completely agree about the wells. Yellow and Lime… Red and Magenta… we’re talking about a 1 point difference on the color wheel!!! I feel like I’m in Vegas at a craps table when opening wells!

The torch welfare thing is annoying… I’ve had the 2 & 3 torch wellfares on the same floor myself. Then you have the Shrine where it will offer you a fury boost of 10%… with no fury heroes in your party. In endless… that’s not a big deal because you can switch your line-up. BUT… in Epic… I get that shrine blessing in 4 straight shrines… with no fury hero in my party… WTF???


We just need a way to carry those buffs with us and the ability to use them whenever we want. It would add an element of thought to an otherwise mindless feature. Of course negative effects would activate immediately


Still getting 2 and even 3 endless torches per floor


Well, count yourself lucky. Better 3 than none.


It’s just that the RNG needs to be tweaked.