1.8.X Server Updates


We’ll be doing a server-only change tomorrow at 2 PM for some much-needed stat updates.

Dungeon and Torch Changes

Epic Dungeon

  • Remove 2x extra cost for Torch Burn in Epic Dungeon
  • Leave the Epic Dungeon Keys uncapped, and update the How to Play

Boss Dungeon

  • Double Shard Drop Rate

Adjust Torches in Merchants

  • Change number of Torches in Shops to 5 or 10 (Instead of 1/3/5)
  • Gold cost per Torch stays the same

Trade Ship and Dragon Shop

  • Torches in Trade Ship and Dragon Shop reduced by 1/3rd the cost

Token Merchant

  • Add to all the Token Shops

Improved Torch Purchase Price

  • Torches will now be 20 Torches for 50 Diamonds (was 4 Torches for 50)

S1 Token Shop Hero Changes

  • No Changes to the War Shop (Oasis Guardian just added in 1.8)
  • Mystic Punk taking Forest Hermit’s place in the Arena Shop
  • Rogue Bowman taking Hex Witch’s place in the Crusade Shop
  • Howling Claw taking Totem Prince’s place in the Fortress Shop
  • Wander Woman taking Grizzled Hunter’s place in the Royal Tournament Shop

S2 Token Shop Hero Changes

  • Wander Woman taking Hex Witch’s place in the Crusade Shop
  • Whirling Dagger taking Scarred Brawler’s place in the War Shop
  • No Changes for Fortress right now, but The Grizz is coming soon!

Dev Note: Heroes picked to add to the Shops were based on who is now Epic Gear eligible and chosen by low community ownership rates. Heroes removed from the Shops were chosen based on who had the highest ownership rates.

Content Cap Increases

Server 2

  • Team Level 90
  • Chapter 11
  • Purple +4 Gear & Promotions

Server 3

  • Team Level 75
  • Chapter 9
  • Purple +2 Gear & Promotions

January Sign Heroes

Server 1
Hero: Satyr Fox

Dev Note: Choosing an existing Hero for Shard 1 is tricky since it needs to be a 1-Star Hero, but Satyr Fox appeared as a strong 1-Star Hero that’s still one of the least commonly 5-Starred by the community.

Server 2
Hero: The Birdbarian
Fortress Shop: The Grizz is swapping in for Princess Portal

Server 3
Hero: Noob Hero
Fortress Shop: Totem is swapping in for Swashbuckler

Server 4
Hero: Satyr Fox
Void Caster is moving to Chapters 6 and 7 in the Elite Campaign

Server Update: 14:00 12/20 CT
Token Exchange Suggestion

Portal Quest is pay to win confirmed.


Heh. Nice catch! :slight_smile: I considered leaving it as an Easter Egg…


Just as I decide to start leveling Wander Woman, they move her to Tournament Shop. Wonderful. So you moved them based on epic gear availability, but how did you determine which heroes went to which shops?

It’s hard enough getting bird shards, but now I gotta balance it with wander woman shards?


Wander woman is also located in the Elite Campign if I remember correctly.


She is, but I assumed that if they move her into a shop, she’ll be taken out of campaign.


Gonna be a bit cozy I there. Love connection?


S1/s2 I know. But still funny


I think it would be nicer if there were a daily rotation for each shop between like 5 heroes, presenting 3 at a time like today, so we can get what we want/need and save for the desired hero to come back around. Being behind on shards for a strong hero and having them entirely replaced in the shop is sad.


Sounds like a great improvement :slight_smile:



Hi perblue.

Please start telling is ingame about Updates, and do it a few days before release.

This non communication gets worse and worse.

Almost noone reads this forum.



Where is Update please??


It will happen at 2 P.M CST!


I live on the East Coast, so that’s 4 P.M for me. It depends on where you live.


I’m from French :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


I believe that would make it 11 P.M your time.


I think it’s in about 20 mins? If Iv worked it out correctly lol!


It’s really in 20 minutes?


2PM CT is 8PM for me (According to Google!) so yeah, 15 mins ish…


Seems more like a you problem. And they do alert people through in-game notifications and social media as well.