1.8.X Server Updates


No ingame notification in the game I play.

Some chat post from a blue name is no official announcement, as you can’t be sure, all players see it… Same for Facebook and this forum here.

I can spray informations on my roof, everybody is able to see that on google maps.

Still not a sensefull way to communicate.



Updates are always posted here at least a day in advance.

All major updates are posted in game, and server-side are also announced a day in advance. I’m sorry you’ve missed them!


Why is the server down?:thinking:


Update is happening.


How long will it be?:thinking: For the update to be complete?:thinking:


Please edit:
Add to all the Token Shops

I know you mean add torches to all merchants but some might ask later.

Nice changes. Especially since i have saved all boss keys lmao


How long will the update be?:thinking:


Can we assume the removed toons from shops will go to the elite campaign?


Oh. Thank you miss. <3


Yepp thats always the case. Either swapped to orher mercant or moved to campaign



I don’t think anyone has an exact timeframe.


Thank goodness. The hero switches are exactly the ones I needed and thanks for torch fix!


On server 1 anyway that is. :grinning:


No hero shop change in s2?


Try refreshing. Otherwise should be at 9 pm


Ah, that was the fix! Thank you sir!