1000 gold as reward!


The 1k gold as a reward in portal lords… this must be a bug, pls tell med it’s a bug because it’s honestly offensive to get… lol.
I’m guessing it’s one of the replacement rewards for repeat stamp rewards you guys was talking about a while back… but 1000 gold!? It must be a bug… Hope you fix it😉


I’ve gotten it the last 3 portal lords and got it twice!! this time around :joy: 2000 gold​:joy: don’t think it even registers on my count


Portal Lords
Substitute rewards will now be given if the player already owns a unique reward
Hero Skin → 2 Normal Campaign Double Drop Consumables
Portrait Border → 10 Gold Chest Consumables
Portrait Color → 1000 Gold
Chat Stamp → 11 Silver Nuggets
Guild Emblem → 1 Small Guild Trophy

Here’s your explanation :slight_smile:


Thanks… that’s just stupid… then I would like something one can buy for 1k gold :grin:


You can sometimes find 1-2 green scraps in the merchant for that much.


:blush: I realize I have nothing to complain about :joy: thank you Perblue for the 2x1000 gold - maybe make some more colours availlable so I can get that instead :blush: