2.10 Patch Notes


Update 2.10 Patch Notes

2.10 is currently available on Android and Apple devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with using Skill Points on Servers 7 and 8 causing the game to crash

2.10 patch notes?

so, how about fixing the bug with speed resetting in dungeon? Oh, and thanks for being 2 days late with your notification.
Compensation would be nice…


What exactly do you feel you need to be compensated for by not having a patch note?


Ahhh, yes, of course. I knew it couldn’t be too long before someone like you came along.

I believe we all deserve a compensation for Per Blue releasing a patch that broke the game, TWICE and their failed attempts to announce that the second update was happening. Burying it in a thread that only diehard read is not an announcement.

I am kot talking about earth shattering payouts, rather compensation that theu uave offered over previous stuff ups they made.


And that is a perfect example of what is wrong with the world these days lol.
When did we all get so self entitled?


But we do need a fix for the speed resetting in dungeon… fast pls… that’s really annoying and dungeon contest all weekend… lol


Can’t argue with that!! :slight_smile:


You couldn’t level the skills of your heroes for a short time. That’s not exactly game breaking. Im the first to call out PB for shoddy programming and QA but seriously that’s not a big enough issue to warrant demanding compensation. Try being someone who spent thousands of stamina packs on items that are no longer needed to craft gear.


Please fix the speed in dungeon before contest!!!


For the love of all pqers can we please , please have the stars back these gears look fking retarted change the star colour to the colour of crystal once hero has been crystalised like someone said early these cosmetics are making the game look even more childish


Good idea but what about when they add more crystals???


I’m guessing the new crystals would also have colours of their own.

I don’t think those gears for epic/crystals make the game look more childish. Don’t get me wrong, I very much liked the star and dislike what it’s been replaced by, I think it could’ve been done more subtly without changing the star at all. But that’s done, and with time we’ll all get used to it eventually…

(still hoping they’ll change it back to the pretty star though)


Tournament freezes under attack since the last update. And I get a red X for 3rd teams attack and points like I won.

Same problem in war, everything freezes when attacking, points lost and heroes had fled.
Hope you fix all bugs for the merge. There are way to many this time.



In arena team list, your own defence team does not display the icon to show that a hero has a crystal equipped


Is that how crystal looks like? How boring. I thought it would be blue or red, something fancy. But it’s yellow.


when are you going to compensate everyone for there top 1% rewards for the lastest contest you ungrateful pricks you just take our money show us we can get these rewards , we get there and you class 11th and down as 5% and just skip top 1% rewards what a fking piss poor excuse


Erm… @Elliot (hope that’s the right Elliot lol)

Just a quick point…
Saying that more and more people could have taken part in the contest, is actually the exact wrong thing to say here lol.

As the total number of players grows…
So does the number of players in the top 1% of them.

If anything, I would have argued that the broken dungeon meant that less people played.

1% of 100 players is 1 player.
1% of 1000 players is 10 players.
1% of 10000 players is 100 players.

To be the 13th player and not be in the top 1%, would mean a heck of a tiny player pool.

Especially as the the top ten is allegedly separate from the rest of the players.

So only 2 people were the top 1%? Really?
Not quite in the mood to math it right now.

But that would imply a player pool of 210 people in the dungeon.

Either the maths is wrong, and that’s a lie…
Which isn’t very nice

Or the maths is right, and that server is dead.


if you are referring to the post above yours, being 13th and not in 1% actually implies fewer than 1300 participants.


rank 11th got top 5% heres a pic to show we had atleast 1300+ and that was someone at 400k+ points in contest what about all the ones that would of done way less then that


not my picture but it shows its 1300+ at score of 400k+ points no one got 1% rewards not even 11th like i said yet thats my reply from perblue , wow