2.10 Patch Notes


@Outsider not if the top ten are excluded.
Which the devs have specifically stated in other threads.

Look at how the war rankings work.
Top ten are distinct. The percentage groups are worked out after them…


but saying the top 10 is excluded actually means 1% would be 1310 players…
Hardly a massive difference and clearly 13th should still qualify for the 1% reward


Pixie, I think I misunderstood your earlier argument. We are both arguing the same side just different methods. Apologies


Thank you.
Was trying to work out how I could explain it better.
Saves me trying to reword it.

Looking at the evidence here…
People should have got better rewards.

There we go :wink:


When I asked support about 1%, they said it depends on how many ppl participate (as we all know). But they also said that dungeon is the most popular contest with many ppl participating. So how can it be so popular but we still have how many ppl in 1%…1-2 ppl? Can’t find that ticket now, and didn’t take a printscreen.
Why not give us the number if how many participated. It’s all just BS.


For s5 there were 0 members in top 1 percent. Player in 11th for 5% rewards. Still working on ticket with per blue. So exactly zero people got top 1percent rewards.


Haha that’s some good math per blue. O ppl in 1%
They basically screwed us and don’t care about it.