2.7 Patch Notes

Portal Quest 2.7!


2.7 is a small update, but is providing new ways for players to acquire things they want with diamonds! This will give more options to our F2P players when it comes to earning the things they need to progress.

Keep an eye out for the larger release of 2.8 patch notes coming later in the week!!

Diamond Deals

You will now see deals appear in the Event Panel selling items and resources for diamonds.

Content Unlocks and Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 7

  • Chapter 10 - Hollow Theories
  • Team Level 85
  • Purple +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
    No Other Content Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Epic Crystals
    • Fixed bug that prevented players from creating a crystal when the hero or the epic gear was at max level.
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Looks good once again!

So happy about you giving the F2P players a way to earn more so they can progress faster. Keep it up with the awesome stuff!

Can’t wait to see the 2.8 update to see what you’ve planned for us.


The cost in that picture would mean 25,000 diamonds to craft 1 crystal. Or roughly $304 us dollars.


I know there are a few ways to earn diamonds within the game, but the main way to accumulate them is through spending money. So how is a shop that costs diamonds supposed to help f2p players? :joy::joy::joy: They are already using their small stashes on things like stamina and event chests to keep up. Pretty bad idea unless I’m missing something here.


Must be a typo, supposed to be p2p. Or its just a joke. It made me lol.


$304 per crystal
5 crystals per hero (eventually)
47 heroes (so far)

$71,440 to get all the crystals.

Being the top player in a mobile game:


Not to sound negative, but I’m not sure how diamonds can be related to the f2p, I mean, diamonds are the premium currency of this game… all this is just gonna do is have people itching to spend their diamonds on a ‘deal’ and not have the diamonds for what they actually need: stamina (but maybe that’s the point?).

And if those prices are accurate, it’s not even worth server space/data.; the example given here is really no incentive, since f2p get more than that everyday if they’re in a guild that works together. Can any f2p get 625 diamonds everyday? The price doesn’t fit appropriately.

These are the things the developing team needs to consider before launching their great ideas-- sarcasm not intended here, it’s a good idea, but some more thought would make it actually useful and beneficial.


To be fair to per blue, all that they have said is:

More options to our f2p players

Technically, that is what this is…

Of course, if anyone can’t see that the obvious progression from this is the f2p players thinking “Well I really want that extra thing, but won’t have enough for stamina reset… maybe I could do a monthly deal / buy that $4.99 deal just this once …” is kidding themselves.
Well thought out strategy, per blue.
I doff my cap to you.
And look forward to a week of beans on toast next month…


I’m not certain, but I don’t think f2p players want to necessarily ‘buy deals’. There are so many things that could be done to help f2p players, and allowing them to buy deals through diamonds as compared to using real money is probably not the right way to go. Diamonds, although obtainable through f2p means (rewards, surveys, offers) are still pretty hard to come by in large quantities if not bought, and definitely can’t be linked to f2p. Better ideas would be allowing them to get more resources (gold, exp, hero shards, gear) easier than at the moment. Or even consumables like stamina, double drops and dungeon items. Whether be in better rewards, weekly rewards, contests, towers, trials and whatnot.

“Right idea but wrong execution.” is what I take of it.


It’s really disappointing that PerBlue continues to ignore their customer base with this type of nonsense. I’ve spent much more money than I’d care to think about… and seeing more of these “deals” that alienate the F2P players is frustrating. Without F2P players, this game will soon be dead. I’ve nearly halted my spending on this game because I’m tired of seeing good players quit each update, and at the rate the game is going, spending more would be like flushing it down the toilet… We need F2P players to keep this going; please stop driving them to quit.


You made a good point. Server 5 seems already dead to me. Who will be the opponents in war and PvP when there are no FtP anymore? Caps come faster and faster. Only two buys with 50 Diamonds, every promotion more scraps are needed.
Make it four buys for 50 (120 stam). Maybe then I’ll start doing a monthly again.

Lol… if this needs to make sense it should be the other way around… making it possible to sell crystal potions for diamonds or even better, excess equip for diamonds… really hope the example shown in pic is a fluke, because it’s just funny and makes no sense… even for P2P - you know doing fortress in normal mode gives you approx 1700 of each potion right? every day that is… but judging from your “rewards” in portal lords guess not… a full payout of rewards in PL gives me half the potions I get every day in fortress (pls don’t use this to lower fortress payout)

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So the first 2 deals to roll out were for 25 epic keys and 400 torches respectively. How exactly is giving the resources that are probably easiest to accumulate for a large diamond cost helping f2p players? :joy::joy::joy: So far these are just blatant help for no one. In fact the only person I know that bought the epic keys said they did it because they are too lazy to do endless dungeon. I’d love to know the number of people or percentage of people that actually bought these and what their vip level is​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


“Keep an eye out for the larger release of 2.8 patch notes coming later in the week!!”

Is this delayed? @OhRlyeh

Yes. Patch notes will be out Monday.

I actually misspoke. It’s only 150 torches for a large amount of diamonds​:joy::joy:

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Maybe I should play again…what a deal


I will give you $304 for ur liver…then I could drink more beer knowing I have a backup :joy:…and you get a crystal :joy::joy::joy:


We miss you.
If anyone could do it, it would be you…

P.s. I’m willing to take liver compatibility tests for $304 :wink:


Why spend $304 on a crystal when you can buy a chair for just $399? :slight_smile: