2 weeks with no monday bonuses


never used this topics thing before but basically feeling pretty peeved az over the xmas period i missed out on 2 weeks of monday bonuses . i not only had to wait til the 7th of january for a reply .but was not offered or given any reimbursement of any kind .now i played the game all day on the said mondays and never recieved a thing and actually dodnt get my monday bonus for 3 weeks .couldve been easily fixed with a flick of a button


Monday just gone… My reward bar was empty even though it was full on Sunday evening

I could still claim the rewards on the Monday though…
Have you sent a ticket in since Monday?

Yeah replies can be rather lacklustre but keep fighting the good fight for what’s rightfully yours and hopefully this issue gets resolved for you

  1. It’s Wednesday.
  2. it’s a visual glitch, the button still works. It’s not game breaking, just collect as usual :slight_smile:



Sadly that’s not enough.
Guess it’s gif time.

Pop quiz.
Did per blue get the idea for the current heroes from Nickelodeon?


You had to wait till the Christmas holidays were over?
The developer didn’t stay in the office 24/7?


Where’s my pitchfork?


Nah they stole it from Disney :joy::joy:


That’s a quackers idea…


I believe the empty bar on Monday morning is so that any goals you complete before claiming for the previous week will still count towards the new.

I also lost a claim reward in December and was blown off after reporting it.


I haven’t lost any monday rewards :slight_smile:


Me either :wink:


they admit the problem but wont compensate me .in this day and age with so many other games out there you would think they would compensate me but the almighty dollar also tules in this day and age


I don’t see the major problem here, monday rewards is “recently” added to the game
As a way to get extra rewards.

Me and a lot other people survived without it for over a year.
Missing 1 or 2 rewards doesn’t kill you


Survival without those rewards can be done although I do love getting merchant refreshes from it for free
Helps me buy torches in bulk loads without wasting gems or tokens on refreshes :sunglasses:


thats not the point .the point is they have admitted being in the wrong and have not compensated me for it…so your arguement is invalid.portal quest just seem to me to be money hungry


They don’t compensate individual players for such minor issues. They never have.

Just pretend that you got your Monday rewards and were unlucky enough to get scraps ten times.


Argument* :slight_smile:


I agree that compensation should be given for not receiving the Monday reward. I have had 3 weeks of no rewards. I hit the claim button and it says I have already claimed the prize when I didn’t. Then this week there was no claim button to even hit. In all cases I worked to get these rewards and and should be compensated for such time and energy.


Entitled, much?


Dear per blue,
See what happens when you give your players a little something as a thank you, and then there’s a problem with it.

Just go back to not giving us anything.
We will probably be quieter…


Always look forward to your responses on here :joy::joy:

All I hear is this on some of these threads from others. (I include myself in that group too)

What do we want?
Something new
When do we want it?
Last week
How can we get it?
Shouting apparently :joy::joy::joy: