2 weeks with no monday bonuses


You should be compensated for the rewards you have missed out on Period…I don’t anything about that being “recently” added, ever since I started it’s always been there and I get my Monday rewards…with the exception of one I didn’t get but oh well. You on the other hand have been missing out for almost 1 month and a half almost 2 months…plz compensate The Ledge


So if I just stopped collecting my monday rewards
Should I be compensated for it?
Because I didn’t want to collect it or was too slow.

Some of you guys points are stu***
sorry to say but there are

Just be happy you get a chance to get extra free rewards



Please do enlighten us with that sarky remark :joy::joy:


if your going to give something give it . in my case it wasnt a matter of not playing at the time the monday rewards where given i just didnt recieve them at all .and its always been there just because you played from the start and didnt get it for 12months or what ever dosnt mean jack ship.


I was going to give a ship.
But now I don’t.
Can’t this thread just die already?

If you submitted a ticket to get these rewards , then If you deserved them, you’ll have them by now.

If you didn’t submit a ticket, then you got what you deserved



Please just leave this
This is almost a month old thread
Don’t act like a kid
The problem is fixed
No mather how much you complain nothing will change


I was unable to claim last Monday - there was no claim button and my bar was reset to empty. Nothing happened on Monday. No claim button nor were my quests were registered. I but in a support request and was told I will get the rewards Monday(today). Yes I was able to claim my rewards but only this last weeks rewards. I notified support and they replied it can only give out 5 rewards at a time.

Basically I have lost the rewards and won’t see them.

I wish the support team just tell the truth - due to a unknown bug you won’t get your rewards but system should work in the future

Guess what , the problem will occur again just like its occured last Monday and in the comments aboove.


I never lost my monday rewards since the start of it
I have over 15 accounts (ofc not using all)
But I never got that bug, never saw a problem

Either I am extremely lucky or you… idk think it’s monday even tho it’s thursday, perhaps


14 hours ago, when you made that post it was still thursday
Monday was 18 hours ago for me (CET time zone)
So what time zone you in, to be over 4 hours away from my time zone

So you saying it’s monday today, is weird