24 hour lockout when new to guild


Currently guild contests, Fortress and other things in that vein lock out new members for 24 hours before they can participate. While I understand there is a need for something like this to try to prevent guild hopping and such, the timer should be based on how long you left your last guild, not when you joined your current guild.

Someone who has never been in a guild or who has been guildess for several days should not be handicapped in the same way as someone who immediately went from 1 guild to a other. Spending time guildess should be proof enough that there is no intent to create an advantage that they should be free to help with fort or guild contests immediately upon acceptance into a new guild.


Timers starts when u leave a guild. Not when u join another guild.

So if that person was guild-leas for 24h he or she can join a guild and participate like nothing happend.

And I THINK that they will be given contest rewards and even can do dungeon and get the points accounted for.


And if u cant join in fort it may be because you joined late and gort had already started.

Thats why :wink:


Thanks for info… Hard worker with lots to learn about forum.


Nope, this is not accurate. Was guildess for 2 weeks prior to joining a guild. Had to wait 24 hrs from joining before i could start contest…hence the original post.

It SHOULD be based on leaving last guild, but it isnt.