25 chests @ Focus, Essence, & Fury


Hi there.

I recently started playing Portal Quest, I absolutely love it. Right about level 31, maybe 32ish, I received a “reward” wherein I received 25 essence chests, 25 focus chests, and 25 fury chests. And about 500 diamonds. I do believe I vaguely recall receiving a letter entitled “Welcome Week”. Might that be where I receive this reward from?

I’ve recently gotten my wife playing now, too. I did not receive that reward by purchasing it via diamonds nor paying with a credit card. But for the life of me I cannot remember how or why I received such a large treasure. It literally gave me 20 some odd toons, as well as several 2-star and 3-star toons.

Is this ringing a bell with anyone? :frowning:

My anyone know how I could have gotten this? It was between level 30 and 35; I am now 45. Thanks so very much and I appreciate any help.


Probably a contest reward?


Uhm a big reward for a lvl 30 player, if contest
possible, idk

perhaps ask support about it


I received the same reward but did not know where it came from. I didn’t purchase it because I have been looking since to purchase one just like it!:grin::blush::smile:


Would like to get that if anyone knows how I might get it?


If you had a significant number of gold x 10 chests then it’s not out of the question to get something like that.


You got the rewards from reaching either reaching level 30 40 50 depending which server youre playing on you get rewards basically each tenth level reached upto 50 or possibly if it was after friday and before monday you may have got one of the weekend contest progress prizes