3.4 Known Issues


Here’s a list of issues we’re currently looking into after the 3.4 update:

  • Missing accounts - if you can’t recover your account, please link whatever current account you can log in with to Google Play or Facebook, and then contact support with your missing account infos.
  • The red dot is persistent on Trials, even when all chances are done.
  • The second node is missing in the new chapter (25) for some languages. If you switch to English, you will be able to battle that node and proceed through the chapter.
  • Shining Guardian can be listed as a merc, but once hired cannot be used in the battle. Please avoid posting or hiring Shining Guardian.

These issues should be resolved with the 3.4.1 client update:

  • Google Play recovery method isn’t always working when you switch accounts
  • The Collections tutorial is appearing on top of the event screen, causing players to accidentally tap to make a purchase.



Red dot on Trials is back. I have done the 5 normal trails and don’t have the Honor ones yet.


Think it’s ridiculous after spending hundreds of dollars on a game and you screw it up that it is my job to try and fix


Yep. That last one happened to me. And because it was a diamond purchase, there was no confirmation screen, so I’m out those 2000 gems. Do I need to make a ticket to get a refund?


Im just gonna throw this out here.
In endless dungeon, ive got boots of speed, double gear drops, and enchanted lockpick boosters activated; and every time I raid dungeon during the rewards screen an error message pops up saying "an error as occurred and has been reported’. It doesn’t seem to affect the game. Just thought Id post it here just in case… :wink:


We’re making a one-time exception for our ‘all in-game currency sales final’ policy, and we will reverse any diamond purchases that were made before the bug fix update. Please send in a ticket.


Glad to hear it wasn’t me. Got my ticket in before reading this. Can’t attach the disappeared to anything, but if they are recovered I’ll give in and do the FB attach.


We’ve fixed the Google Play recovery method so it should be working now. If you put in a ticket about a missing account, we’ll get back to you asap!


Can a community manager respond for once… :confused:


Added to the OP:

  • The second node is missing in the new chapter (25) for some languages. If you switch to English, you will be able to battle that node and proceed through the chapter.


It happens. Ive spent quite a bit. But it will get better. To the point now, I do not make purchases.


Could somebody respond on this problem I mentioned above…? It is really annoying


Why are you not contacting support, in game, about this?
Tbt, I don’t see this as a major problem…


I already added the red dot on Trials to the OP. That’s not something we can fix on the server, so it’ll need to wait for the next client update.


HazeWarrior chill out man

Problems in a ticket


I have found the Equip Gear button is telling me I need to increase my team level to level up my hero. I’m not trying to add experience, just multiple pieces of gear.


If you want to equip every gear at once, you need to be at the level required…
Basically, if one gear requires lvl 155 you need to be at this level to add it all :wink:


And if Support continues to be silent for MULTIPLE DAYS? What do we do then?! My guild has NO leaders currently because we are denied access to our accounts and Support is silent.


You should understand that there is 1 person to look through all the complains sent to support…
I’d guess it’s in the thousands
, but sure you are being ignored…