3.4 Known Issues


Did I use the word ignored, or were you just looking for a fight? I’ll wait for an adult response. Thanks!


You might be waiting a while…:wink:


“Adult answer right here”, just wait :slight_smile:
It will be your turn soon

But you should probably connect your account to FB, GC, GP. next time


Careful @Turtle

To be faiiiir, the reason this is such a big problem is that Google stopped one support for backed up accounts.

It’s not like per blue bothered to mention ages ago, several times, that this was going to happen…

Oh … Wait…


Since the update, loads of peoples recruit posts keep vanishing, mine always get deleted, same with loads of others. Some peoples stay up. Quite annoying. Please fix. (I’m server 7)


Added to the OP:


Is shining guardian supposed to be able to battle ? Or have i just spent a lot of resorses on this hero just to find it is useless


Shining Guardian is a real hero that can be used in dungeon.


Shining guardian epic skill kills enemies before they walk into the screen :wink:


I love shining guardian

Because of their 4 skills and epic :wink:


I wonder what his blue skill CD is though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve never had enemies survive long enough to time it (if there even is one)


Does anyone have my problem… I’ve contacted support several times not having “proof” until now. My lvl bar resets for the same level each time portal lords starts. I have screenshots proving i max lvl 140 2 or 3 wks ago bt logging in today have to try again… Hopefully im not alone but sucks having to play catch up everytime knowing I’ve done already. I have pics to prove but im receiving a message that new users can only upload 1 pic… Anyone HELP lol pls



1st pic from march 23rd 2nd pic from today April 3rd


You don’t actually gain experience after you reach the level cap. As soon as you level up to 145, that “Max Level” display will appear.


I think you’re missing my point. If i reached 140 weeks ago when the max cap was 140 then when the max level jumped to 145 why wouldn’t my most recent achievements boost me to 141 instead of making me redo 140? I only say this because I have pages of messages via support when i first noticed at 125. Ofcourse the screenshots are different because weeks ago the cap was still 140. Portal just started Monday but my guild was unable to start til tues night/ today. Today is when i noticed. I just want it resolved i spent enough money roughly to keep diamonds lvl up etc.


spend monthly


The cap was level 140 with 0 exp, so of course nothing you did between reaching that and the update would count. This is how things have worked since this game launched.


Do you know why is that? Usually each portal lord that comes my entire guild be maxed level by the following day. I dnt understand like why let it even move any if once its maxed i have to redo the same lvl? Thanks though friend didn’t want to come off aggressively just wish i checked this page before spending as much as I did.