3* Ascension Concerns

Hello Perblue and happy anniversary to my favorite blocky game! We’re all getting very excited for 3* ascension and also new stamps and cosmetics to celebrate. I did want to express a small concern, however. I’m sure you guys have already mathed it out, but I spent a little time doing some calculations yesterday and was slightly concerned and shocked by the numbers. Current 2* ascended heroes will be reasonably easy to get to 3*, although there are enough of them that it will take an exorbitant amount of skill points, epic charges, and xp to promote all of them. But hero and ascension shards should at least be obtainable.

What concerns me most is brand new heroes being released at 3* and the weekly ascended heroes. Now, my math might be off, so correct me if I’m wrong (I have no doubt someone will), but for brand new heroes, in addition to the hero shards to get a 5* hero from gold chests, we will need 18,650 hero shards to get to 3* epic. And while your generous gift of 100 shards will certainly help get us there, it feels like potentially it will be difficult for the average non hoarding player. Besides hero shards, we will need about 15k ascension shards, and 26k epic gear. Yikes!

As far as consumables, the 2 new toons will require 1,425 forge charges and 6,840 skill points to get to 3*. That’s a lot. If it were just the 2 heroes, however, with all 2* heroes ascending, each will require 285 forge charges and 1,710 skill points. I don’t know the total number of currently ascended toons and I can’t get into the game to count because it’s down, but it’s starting to add up.

Weekly newly ascended toons are also going to be burdensome, requiring about 12k ascension shards to max. That’s a lot of elite resets and a lot of monotonous time farming.

While 3* will be lots of fun, I’m wondering if pb would consider being a little more generous in its anniversary give aways as you consider the math for ascending a whole slew of heroes one more star plus the brand new ones, plus the weekly older toons. Increasing the number of ascension shards available throughout the game, more chests as rewards in contests, making shops useful again, more (greater quantity) resets, charges and skill points for diamonds, all things which have been previously suggested, I suggest again. And please consider gifting us a few more hero shards for new heroes (especially since they will not be in elite campaign it seems)? Let’s make the 5 year anniversary a true celebration with joy rather than frustration for all. Thank you Perblue!


Yes, I’m sure they did the math:

600 players x $9.99 Ascension package = $5,994

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I find Epic gear and XP harder to get than shards… especially if we don’t have any Epic chests left. Maybe we could bring a dungeon contest back on the odd occasion to earn some goodies. The current contests are getting a little monotonous and could do with a revamp or mixing up a little. Hint hint @Loutre please and thank you

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I find that I blame Bob

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There IS a solution - if you don’t play, it’s not time consuming nor expensive at all :grin: Silly Science Teachers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Raiding dungeon isn’t gonna touch the epic scraps/shards we need to ascend the new ones - and most have used trial resets and epic chests in guild contests since we were told “no new heroes”

Any chance of adding the epic scraps to rewards (or reinstitution of epic chests for gold - ideally with a finesse aspect - ha)? @loutre thanks for listening to concerns

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But but but! I’d miss out on meeting crazy Canadians!

I’ve been passing along feedback to the team as you all suggest things, but I cannot make any promises.


Then I suggest bonus boosts for people on their five year anniversary of playing the game :wink:


It’s been years since I bought anything for VIP. One just has to think, what’s the point of paying because they don’t have the time to play? It’s not necessary to pay at all, resources naturally accumulate after regularly doing a little of everything within a typical guild.


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