3 ideas for improvement


Good evening, I wanted to tell you that I really love your improvements to Update 1.10, however I would like to propose 3 new improvements in the game.

  1. An Epic Dungeon Rank

I think it would be nice to have an Epic Dungeon Rank as you did for the Endless Keep to see who went the furthest.

  1. A new guild advantage

Make a new Guild Advantage to reduce waiting time by up to 25% for a bonus in the dungeon.

  1. Dungeon in Guild War and Dungeon

It would be better if you change the name for one of the two dungeons because it is confusing. I was thinking in particular of ‘’ Castle ‘’ to change the name of the Guild War Dungeon. This name would be more appropriate in the baths of the war with ‘’ Tour ‘’ and ‘’ Castle ‘’.

Sorry for my English. I’m French and I use Google Translate


I like the first idea and I’m competitive myself. Would be interesting to see how I do in comparison

On the second on3 I couldn’t agree because after sleeping and a long work day combined it’s far to easy to gain a lot of things now. Don’t think it needs to be sped up any.

On the 3rd one I’ve reread it a couple of time and either I don’t know what you are talking about or Google translate got the better of you =/ sorry