4462 stam packs for progress rewards

This weekend we need to spend 4462 stam packs to get progress rewards on S8.
In my opinion it’s a bit much even if you can combine it with recent cap raise.

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Well that’s if you wanna get the rewards right away. If however you’re smarter you’ll use a stamina recharge consumable (preferably quad) and turn on notifications for full banked stamina and then you’re gonna spend much less.


The rewards still suck. A stamina contest with no packs as a reward? Geez, a bunch of hero shards as rewards?! Yeah , that’s exactly what I need because I dont already have thousands of them…

So, don’t participate lol

I’ll be gearing up these people anyway after cap raise.
Free stuff while I’m doing it?
Cool :slight_smile:

Aaaannnndddd yeah, I don’t have that many packs either, so will be adopting the wolvezz approach

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Doesn’t really earn much stam though…
And tbh who wants to be in app every few hours for 3 days to use stam periodically to do a contest that takes 3 minutes to complete

I would say that, but I just my account back…

But seriously @Polaris this is going too far

Also, give this man a victoria cross for extreme bravery and valour

We were in a group on discord for players who spend nothing or barely anything and we were asked what our issues were and everyone said the same thing contests are making us fall behind stam packs are huge and when you make us use outrageous amount of stam packs for no return you honestly think we are going to use them. You then got rid of stam for diamonds for a stupid shop that barely brings up stam as an option to buy. I really enjoy this game but y’all are killing f2p and small spenders and eventually no one will play and bye bye money seriously reconsider how you are affecting everyone not just wallet


If stam and scrap contests had stam packs in the progress rewards again they’d be a lot more friendly to lower spenders without really affecting what whales will spend to achieve top 10.
As it stands those players are getting more and more disgruntled :frowning:


They seem to push f2p players to p2p or exit it seems. Or they want to cut into peoples reserves for a big update or somethin? Merge?

I don’t spend anything on this game either, but the progress rewards (~4K stamina packs) are a piece of cake. Like @Cottontail I dungeon a lot, which means lots of diamonds to spend on the diamond shop… okay maybe I am a bit extreme refreshing it 8x a day, but at least give it 2-3 refreshes on top of the 2 you get for free? They boosted the stamina and XP ratio just 3 days ago, if you haven’t noticed :wink:

If you have neither the diamonds nor the stamina packs, then I might ask if you’re playing or spending enough to complain about rewards in this type of game. No free lunch!

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They boost the stamina you get from the diamond shop each raise it seems. As if they do it to keep up with ‘inflation’ of sorts :thinking:

I’m not complaining either way

Stamina recharge achieves nothing. As larry stated: 4462 stam packs. That’s 4462 times 60 stamina. How many months of quad recharge would that take?
As far as purchasing stamina in the diamond shop, at 500 diamonds for 280 stam packs it would take nearly 8000 diamonds. There isn’t that much stamina even offered. I don’t know how many shop refreshes it would take but they aren’t free either. How many dungeon floors will it take to earn 8000 plus diamonds?
We just had a guild contest where our guild was in the top 25% and didn’t even get to the first reward. It is readily apparent that contests have been arranged for the sole benefit of the big spenders. The only question I have is if this is being done to milk as much cash out of players as possible prior to shutting the game down.


Think it’s now 330 stam packs for 500 diamonds :grinning:

Good points also

It is a bit of a step up from the previous stamina contests, to be faiiiir

That is faiiirrrr. But i needed to put everyone up to r14 anyway… so I’m at 40 million points in the contest.

It’s free rewards for a f2p levelling up his heroes… can’t complain

Everyone knows you don’t use your stamina packs until the stamina contest if you are a free player

This isn’t new.

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I didn’t know!

You’re… Ummm…
Not a free player, boss.

Just saying

I’m a boss?!

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