4th boss dungeon

Any future plans to add another boss to boss dungeon?
Not sure if any other servers have it already.
Be nice to have another tho!
Any ideas?

Golden Turtle Boss

Don’t worry O’rlyeh will add it


People generally don’t like boss dungeons, and some people already find it difficult to get enough boss keys for shards.

Other people would love this.

I’ve got lots of keys, and would like an actually farmable hero


I have tons of keys. More than I think I need currently anyways.
If not for adding a new hero how about using an existing hero.
Say like once a week with a cap so it can’t be over farmed.
Or a mini monthly event 2nd week after portal Lords.
Think it would be a nice way to get additional shards/gear for some hero’s.

Or even have a guild boss dungeon.
Similar to war where u have everyone involved.
Each room could be like towers. Each room has several lines that need to be cleared to progress.
Maybe requiring points to attack like war.
And then boss would be super tough.
Rewards could be similar to portal Lords
Harder difficulty yields more rewards

Last bit just came to me.

I’m quite new to this game and I don’t know what the keys are for.

Keys are currency that lets you purchase or open dungeon levels. Boss keys for boss dungeon, where you can earn boss hero shards. And epic keys for epic and epic-epic dungeons, where you earn epic gear. Epic-epic dungeon cost more for double gear earned.

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Thank you!