5th war defense line?


I remember the idea was brought up of introducing a perk that would buy each member of a guild the ability to make a 5th war defense line. We were more focused on other ways to fix war, but since those have all been pushed down the road, this would be a good thing to have. Soon- especially for us retired folk :wink:


Sounds like a good idea.

As s1 has 55 heros that’s potential for 9-10 lines per player…
Option to utilise a 5th line from all that would be great for guilds who don’t have the depth in power across all players

Top guilds will cherry pick and field the best 5 lines from their best players meaning next time you face them it will be a nightmare war scenario with lines way op
Players whose lines don’t get used because of this won’t ever get the chance to earn defend tokens if they have no teams on the field


I’m in full support of this idea. I ran out of lines last night trying to fill up our map. We’re already at a huge disadvantage offensively by not being full. It would be great to be able to get more defensive lines up. The players we have left have plenty of heroes, might as well put them to use.


Not needed at all


Erm. Yes. Yes, it is.

Certainly outside the wall would benefit from this on s4, as we have players from 90 - 130.

On s9, even though we are a super guild and we are the second guild across the board in rankings, we still have some players with stronger heroes than others.
As our war Map grows, we would love to field the strongest lines possible.

On s1, no pants (like many of the “old firm” guilds) is going through a transition, as several players become more and more frustrated at the New things brought in to help separate our money from our wallets…

We were temporarily down to 35/40 players, and could have done with an extra set of lines to fill the towers with lines that have a chance at defending…

Yes. Five lines per member please, per blue.

Non per blue members that have read all this?
You are very good at reading.
That bodes well.

Come and find one of the aforementioned guilds, and join us? :wink:


I’ve been hoping for 5 defense lines since 2017. Lol


Yup. Killer Ojos needs 2 more people :wink:


Pixie, are you on s9? I desperately need someone to contact Cheri Amore and I, my leader is Baron Blackhand and my commander is Strawberi. Can someone tell them to kick me out plz. Can’t get back to them. Different phone now I’m on s3 :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:. Plz n thank you


No 5 lines in war you would never win for the free player guild when other’s that pay are 1 to 2 million per player and now with essance on the field and some player’s total resistance , you would never win a battle. It all ready is set at 1.3 minutes to win at war. Time runs out , now you get sorry mate took to long for attack. You loose all those hero’s for that battle and that team loose nothing.


I will certainly try.
If you submit a ticket, per blue can link your old account to your new device, if you ask them nicely :slight_smile:


They did mine, gotta be very polite though :wink:


@ll_LEVITICUS_ll well that’s the great thing about perks. They are optional. If it is not needed at all, you can save your influence :wink:


I’ll try again, I’m sure by now my guild has let me go…:disappointed_relieved: but I guess. I have my own guild now and it’s hard getting ppl in that actually play, most of them only download pq for v bucks, robux, or Roblox, etc. and end up joining my guild getting to lvl 10 and just leave…:expressionless: it can be very frustrating running a guild and having to learn everything…if I weren’t so addicted to this game, I’d have deleted it when I lost my guild, but I’m ok now I think…but I do miss them. Thank you for responding and my apologies for the late reply…:blush:


Never set your guild to level 10
At least 15, to weed out the robux people.

What server are you on?
I know people and guilds on most of them lol, if you want a new home


I’m good now, but starting over was difficult but I made it thru. I see in chat constantly ppl only here for bux and stuff…oh yeah and dating.


Yes yes and yes 5 war defense lines would be great. Top guilds wouldn’t benefit all that much given that they’re generally all maxed anyway but for guilds with a low member count it would help field a half decent defense against a higher member guild. There’s 138 lines in maxed war towers and to fill them all you need 35 members. Guilds with less than this are already at a disadvantage by having less attacks available. The ability to utilise a 5th war defense line would lower it to 28 members to fill all towers which closes the gap a little.


Just get 35 members or more :slight_smile:


Then all guild’s would have 5 line’s , so for the top guilds this would make it harder for all other’s.


There would still be the same number of lines on the map


Would mean that you weren’t facing the same lines over and over in keep either.

Well actually, you probably still would lol.
They just seem to work…