A Letter to Per Blue

Dear Per Blue, the compensation pack was a joke.

3k skill packs sounds good on paper, but was hardly enough in execution. One toon occupies a whole 142 and a half skill packs, yikes. (Not including ascension or duals)

The lack of chests was also harsh. Yes, they gave us 5k heroic chests later. But I’m sure there are more than a couple free to plays who need more than a couple chests.

The amount of XP we got was also a joke. 17 bil?!? An honor track takes about one bil. The amount of XP we’ve been getting isn’t NEARLY enough compared to how much we actually need.

How much they give in packs

How much we need to max ONE honor path.

I need gold and XP right now. I have to either burn my stamina, or spend ridiculous amounts of cash.

If I spend my stamina I won’t have enough to upgrade my heroes. And not everyone has money. I myself only spend 25-30 dollars a month on the game. So what am I to do?

This is how Per Blue likes to treat their players, and this is sadly the same business model that makes them cash money.

People have been saying the gap between F2P and P2P has been getting bugge since almost four years ago. But this…

If they keep pulling this, I and many others will quit.

Sincerely, a light spenders for 1,200+ days.


I see the subject of the post and I get shivers. Letter to PB. Brings back memories.


Enough people already left, that this ascension and merge is one last cash grab before they turn the lights out.

Some more care package will come, but it will not be enough.
It could never be “enough”, because at that point per blue risks a riot from the people that spend more than you .

$25 a month is “light spending”?
Dang it, going forward, can you buy me a $5 deal a month please?


I see the subject of the post and cant help but imagine what would happen if per blue ever replied and think of the Proclaimers…

Happy 1,500+ days by the way, ya old git

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Welcome to server 1 … honestly, I am an ftp and would’ve quit long ago without my lovely guild <3


Basically more XP, skill points and essences and we’ll be fine

Thanks for the diamond deals in exchange for the latter two, much appreciated but we need more


25-30 dollars was shortened to 10-15 last month. And once this season of war ends, 10-15 will be shortened to 0.

No matter how much time and money I put in, it never feels like I’m achieving anything. Especially as of late, the packs have been a joke. 400 million XP was offered in the GYG today.

This game has been my hobby for over three years. It’s been pretty sucky for most of those over three years. But this merge has truly crossed the line.

I’m truly pissed right now and I will be quitting WHEN they kick all low spenders and F2Ps in the nuts with ascension. I’ve never been angrier at Per Blue.

This is THE last straw for me and many others.


Totally agree 100 %

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You are pretty sucky and bad at picking hobbies…

I can’t spell :laughing:

So tired :yawning_face:

As soon as the true Alt Amnesty comes :eyes:

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