A little help with lineups in server 8


So quick question I’ve bin checking out the highest ranking in arena to figure out which types of teams I should spend my time advancing, but I’m noticing characters that I’m hearing everyone say are bad in every other server (war blade)…should I still build up those characters or go with what worked in other servers till we get more charecters? (Gingerbeard, hex witch, howling claw)


Since it sounds like you don’t have the means to max every character, I’d prepare for the future rather than work on a soon-to-be useless hero like warblade.


My suggestion is have a small s1 account to see what is a good future hero. You won’t have them all available for a while, but you will in the future. Unless you plan on spending a lot of money, you won’t be able to develop them all, so it’s best to focus your resources on only the ones that will be worth it in the future.


Pretty much what every one else said.
If you can afford it, go nuts.

But for me, stockpile for now and wait for the new guys.


Which new guys are you referring to? Would be nice to know which ones to pay attention to. S8 just got warp mage.


I have a support ticket waiting on that answer hopefully they give me a good answer


Yep I did do that lol


Would gingerbread, hex witch, and howling claw still be relevant for a while?


I’ve bin playing other games to get diamonds, I’ve bin min/maxing my characters that way


Hex once epic comes: no. Ginger doesn’t have epic. Claw: yes. I think you can do just fine without having ginger lol


Work on all aspect buff heros. Example would be ginger beard for his focus friend. Its nice being able to double buff your focus team


If I had to pick a top 20, I’d pick these (in no particular order)…

They are my most used for all areas of the game.

These 15 I use here and there…


These last five I almost never use at all.

I left out the 2 newest heros from this list cause I’ve barely had the chance to use them so we will see. And this is just me personally, I’m sure every player has their top hero’s they use.

I hope this helps! :see_no_evil:

If you have any more questions I’d be happy to help. My names ninjaguar on LINE too if you want to discuss further :ok_hand: