A suggestion New Chests


Hi, first let me say, thank you for all the new innovated ways PQ has come up with to make the game fun again.

This is not a complaint, I couldnt find the suggestion box. I think Pixie hid it.

Red chest, blue chests, green chest.
2 gold chest and a white.
If you could just add one more for Essence
That would be alright.


We already have red chest (fury shards), blue chest (finesse shards), green chest (focus shards)
and white chest (Think it contains resources, like nuggets etc)

Perhaps I didn’t get what you mean but we already have those chests


I think they want to be able to find essence in chests


What? There is going to be a new chest just for focus essence??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am down for that. Lol


As long as we’re asking … why not just a new chest which contains only wild essence :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate using wild essence. What if I need it :grimacing:


Ok, to the original Dragon Soul members. How about a free weekend to strip our toons and start over? Now that we have a clue?


Bring it on!!!

In other news…

Have the essences been removed from epic dungeon??


Ohhhhhhh, sharing is fundamental.




I meant White


Okay then the gold chest is 24 carat gold chest


Carat is gem quality, like diamonds for example.

Karat is gold purity

Sound very similar.
Very different.

I also learned this fact from being in a per blue / portal quest forum / chatroom lol…

(You were there!) :wink:


Oh! This is a good idea! I’ll suggest it. Thanks!




you’re right ;/


Dang it :frowning:


No just gikd


Gold I meant