A suggestion regarding honour and essences

With the latest cap raise upon us, i think it’s a good time to bring up the ever increasing cost of honour tiers.

As we all know, with every red gear tier added to the game, so is a new level for essences, as well as a new honour tier. Now in no way do i want to discredit how welcome of an addition honours were, they have shaken up the metagame in a great way and have revitalized the whole process of lineups by adding a whole new dimension to it.

That said, we’ve gotten to a point where we have a ton of essences to upgrade every cap raise, not just this however but we also need to add more essences to every hero as new honour tiers are released. And as the levels for essences have increased, so has the xp cost to do so. And we’re nearing a point where it’s going to be near impossible for f2p to keep their war heroes up to date honour wise.

Obviously there are a few ways this issue can be resolved: reduced costs, no more additional honour tiers, or what i would suggest, a cap on essence levels:
By making +10 the maximum honour level, xp costs would still increase but at a much more managable pace. And additional honour tiers could still be added without one hero gulping up a huge chunk of xp.

I’m hoping to atleast spark discussion about the topic with this post as this issue has been stealthily getting bigger and bigger every cap raise and poor little Snek will struggle to even just get my war heroes’ honour tiers done, despite being a more than modest spender. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you got this far down, thank you for reading my post :smiley:
your’s truly,
Ps. Spaghet!


As a fellow f2p person may I ask how many heros you keep at max?

My goal is to start with the important heros until maxed then slowly work on less important ones and not even touch ones I’ll never use even if this means a very highly leveled hero is let go.

This has kept me relevant and an important member of my guild since I first started playing this game.

Remember to save stamina from fortress until you do double gear and save resets for double days on Sundays when everything is open. While rare, they do occur once in awhile. Gold and Xp have never been an issue for me with stamina always being bought by diamonds. I don’t spend a single diamond on anything else. I currently have 8k stamina packs ready for today. Well not today, but hopefully during a gold/xp contest. I currently have 36 of the most important heros fully maxed without spending money.

I hope this helps.

As another f2p, I‘ve already stopped keeping up… I would have to keep at least 3x5 heroes maxed, for tournament, and that‘s just not possible. Especially if you consider, that, with every new hero you might have to max another one, because they might get to be an important player, or might only be countered with a certain hero that‘s not yet maxed.

So I‘m all for a cap in honor levels. Especially, because we need xp for levelling heros, as well

Heh, i’m not quite f2p myself, but as a average spender i’m currently struggling to keep around 30 heroes maxed.

Are you in Challenger in arena?

I currently have over a billion in gold 700k in xp and 8k stamina packs following my above strategy.

I always finish contest and save everything for contests until I get top prize then stop.

With arena, fortress, and check in, I get over 500 diamonds a day which let’s me buy 220 stamina packs per day from the diamond shop.

I’m fine with all resources but xp really I currently have almost 900 million xp but that will be gone in an instant if I so much as attempt to upgrade my essences :frowning:

Really? How is that progress?

Actually, I‘m not, was never able to stay on top of arena long enough for that. I just don‘t have the right heroes maxed, and don‘t really have ressources for much more (and maybe I‘m not good enough with my hero partnerings :slight_smile: ).

I don‘t have that diamond influx, have around 8k diamonds that I use when needed. I have around 2k stam packs usually, for when I need them for contests. I have multiple buffs for double drops and heightened xp and gold income that I use whenever I start levelling up my heroes. Still have problems with xp, and not to forget honor tokens.

So which are the most important Heroes, please list in order of importance and please include info about Crystal and Honor per Hero :wink:

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Look at war, you’ll see the same heros used the most.

My recommendation is 3 teams you can use in war so you can help your guild out.

When I look at my arena, there are at least 20 different heros with the first 5 contestants :joy: so, no idea which ones to choose. But that‘s ok :slight_smile: I‘m only here for the fun anyway, and try to keep up with at least 15 heroes for my guild. ( which still isn‘t working, btw… :wink: )

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If I remember right, arena always seemed to have the same select few heros until a new hero came out. Obviously some would put in random lines but there always seemed to be that one lineup that would beat practically anything.

Idk what else to tell you. I have had zero issues keeping up and all I do is what I outlined above.