A tiny suggestion

Can we puhLEASE get a facepalm stamp? Or maybe just more of our own emojis to work? We’ve gotten some gems recently (datboi is my spirit animal), and some not to be desired, but the collection can always be improved. The hero stamps didn’t tickle everyone’s fancy like PB had hoped. Maybe it’s time to get the players talking about what they’d like to see in our stamp collection.

The other suggestion here would be just to make our keyboard emojis compatible in chats. Most, if not all players have a wide selection of emojis right on their keyboard. Making more of those work in PQ chats would be great. I know I know, not going to increase revenue, so perhaps reinvent my beloved facepalm into something PQ related and add it to PB’s collection.

Final thought, if I could post prize fighter dabbin on em, or alchemist facepalming, just take my money now!