Ability to earn VIP

hey everyone,

i would like to see this ingame… as example watch videos, download apps etc like you can do to get diamonds

i think that would be good since i already bought the 30 day 300dia + 300 VIP points package… and i dont like that i have to buy another 300VIP (wich is about 11€) just to get to the level 4 VIP …(i totally understand this but its still 11€)

my suggestion is you should add an ability to earn those VIP points (but only when you already bought diamonds or the 30 days package)

or also a 30days package x2 would be cool with like 500 diamonds + 500VIP points for like 5-10€ as example…

thanks for reading and enjoy playing! :slight_smile:


So basically, to dumb it down a bit, allow users to spend their diamonds in exchange for VIP tickets?

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more like an ability to earn those VIP tickets like download an app, start it, … and then you get like 10 VIP tickets or so…

but i also like the idea to exchange diamonds to VIP tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

also something like a luckywheel would be cool … like spend 20diamonds and get a random item (like double 50 diamonds, vip tickets etc)

and thanks for the fast reply @Bishop_Blockwall ! :slight_smile:

I think it’s better the way it is: You can already get diamonds by downloading apps etc., so I think it’s good that VIP tickets are received only by spending money…

I think it’s good that diamonds can be received this way, and I also think that not doing that for VIP tickets is keeping some of it ‘exclusiveness’.
But that’s just my opinion.

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i also like this … but like i said… something like : when you already bought the 30 days package then you are able to exchange diamonds for VIP tickets

because atm (without an event) you have to spend about ~15€ to get to the VIP level 4 (500VIP tickets)

even something like VIP tickets (100 for 1/2€) would be cool … i just dont like that you have to buy such an “big” 11€ package to just get 1 vip level higher… but i totally get that point with “and I also think that not doing that for VIP tickets is keeping some of it ‘exclusiveness’.”

I always thought it would be interesting if they offered packages that rewarded higher amount of VIP tickets but no diamonds. There are definitely times I would have been interested in doing that in Dragonsoul (and the vip system is basically the same).

This would essentially be the same as trading diamonds for VIP tickets, but would make sure you can only trade purchased diamonds, rather than just diamonds from in-game activities. The reason why this is important (down the road at least), is that you can easily earn 500-1000 diamonds a day in FP/Coli in DS.


thats a really good idea with the only purchased diamonds… maybe also the 120 daily diamonds (when you bought that 30 days package)

or you are able to exchange all the diamonds at a higher rate… as example 1000 diamonds -> 250 VIP tickets or something like that since its kinda easy to get diamonds …

If the VIP tickets are purchased, but at a lower price, I suppose I can agree with that. I do think that the amount of VIP tickets needed to increase your VIP level increases very rapidly. As long as it’s money --> tickets the tickets continue to be somewhat exclusive, and I think that’s something to be kept.

Phrased like this, I agree :ok_hand:


There is no Offerwall available under IOS anymore, so now you MUST spend cash to get VIP.

Many things in PQ are quite tedious without VIP.

And when anything gets to tedious, people leave…

This will end up making PQ Boring resulting in more people leaving …

Add some other means of gaining VIP, but NOT by using diamonds or any other in-game currency.

Time spent would be the an appropriate means of gaining VIP.

For instance by Dungeon’ing.

What do you think?

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VIP for raid tickets!

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Of course, why didn’t I think of that. . .