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Rip off special dungeon chest

Lo ideal seria que para canbiar el nombre no tengamos que pagar


Mass mail for guilds


Creo que sería genial que se pudieran hacer combos entre personajes… :monkey_face:


Could you add a bulletin board for the guild that only the leaders can edit but all can view? I thought that was what the leaders tab was and posted a bunch of tips only to find out that the members couldn’t view it LOL


Change portrait backgriund colour for princess into blue. She looks like she was once a fury. We all know our elegant princess is purely finesse.


I think there should be trading option’s between player’s and characters it would make the game even better please make this happen please


There are many new players who are trying to get robux… Most of them say that in chat so we can’t have a normal conversation anymore… Someone had a good idea: new players can’t type in chat until they’re level 10. I think this would really help with keeping the chat nice and fun!


Make switching between accounts possible on the same device


Can 9 have a million of everything cuz my account was hacked and I just started a new one


Add an option to become Villains. Make it so that Villains can steal from Heroes and Heroes that defeat villains trying to steal get rewarded some of the villains items.


I thought :thought_balloon: it would be nice when they level up they evolve into a different and more powerful avatar


If my third purchase of the daily deal earned me VIP 5, I would make this purchase.


Why are aspects of back liners so unbalanced on server 3?
7 finesse
5 focus
4 fury


Can we get notifications in Guild chat so we don’t miss anything in war ?


Suggestion: make the map size option in the dungeon stay open after the chest,battle,trap encounters.


In my opinion the Birdbarian’s shield skill is way to strong. I had a ‘meeting’ with a shielded totem-prince who was the last enemy standing. And he defeated my whole team, still consisting 5 characters. Is this really the idea of the shield? :fearful:


Player search option. There’s already a guild search bar


hows about a new hero, I was thinking of Balor the irish Demon of war?


Being able to buy Xp points