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Oh my goodness, I just saw Kungfu Master Turtle :turtle: in the dungeon. Will he be available as an inheritable hero!? I want him!!! :hushed:


In the donate area of the guild war, you should total the guild’s attack points. That would allow leaders to project how much progress the guild could make (assuming wins) by mass donation to the strongest teams in the guild.


I was wondering if you could use a red dot by the chat bubbles for when someone makes a new post or writes a private message


I think that’s possible on WALL (the first tab) … I know members can’t post on there (I found out thinking I was on the guild wall )


Hi I really wish our guild chat wasxa permanant fixture on the bottom of our screen. Where each comment is shown in a chat box and if you want to add you click and the keyboard pops up. Either this or a red notification dot shows on screen when someone chats in guild rooms.


Guild chat needs a better way to notify guild members when people are chatting. A red dot should pop up on the wings just for guild chat or war chat to notify members that people are chatting. The vip chat is useless. And so is the recruiting chat in my opinion.

A red dot should also appear for private messages!


Hi I just want to say I’m 51 years old in my eyes are terrible the numbers the fonts in in particular are too small for me to see like the level 95 in war I’m wondering since I couldn’t find any settings to increase the fonts could you possibly build that into the next update because the fonts went incredibly small and I’m having a difficult time telling whether I’m hitting a level 90 or level 95 and so on and so on the issue is the fonts is there a way that we could do something about that that would be very helpful thank you very much for listening to my rant appreciate if we can address this issue thank you so much take care


Just a small change I’d like to see for dungeon allowing a button to toggle on or off the fast forward mode outside of combat. Or better yet, simply making it move fast by default while out of combat on the map.


Nerf the damn unicorn or atleast show proper stats. I keep loosing with 7k teams to 5k unicorn teams


Hello, really enjoying the game. Is it possible to adjust the rate energy refills? Never mentioned anything in websites before so hopefully this is in the right place. To wait 6 hrs for 76 energy to replenish is crazy. Your looking at having people only playing the game once every 5 hrs for 1 hr. I misunderstand that it requires people to spend gems to buy more then using real money etc. But for this who are f2p it just makes you get bored and give up completely removing the future payment possibilities.

Just a thought and probably said before. Maybe half the time so still 3 hrs etc but at least makes people who aren’t rich able to play more and warrant spending money on the game. Thanks


Would love to be able to share items within your guild to other members. Help them level up, or share money. Something like that would be cool!


There probably would have been messages on this but can we please improve the guild war rewards. The season rewards are fine but per war rewards need to change cause right now they only award some war shop tokens that after some time will literally be of very little use ( particularly when you get 5* pp) . All I ask is after a win each player is awarded 600k coins and 50k - 100k hero exp ( upon you guys ) so the guild can progress faster. I guess we are liable to that much for our efforts. Thank you


My suggestion is about trapped chests. When I fail in opening a trapped chest I have always wondered why I don’t have the option to try to open it again. If I found a real treasure chest I would just keep trying until I got the treasure that was inside not just leave it behind.


Another improvement would be that once you have checked in for the day with your guild you should get all benefits throughout the day from others checking in without having to check to collect the newer ones every time you login throughout the day. Not fair for those that have members check in at very different times due to time zones variances.


I think it would be great if we could give,trade or even sell extra gear,scraps, and shards to our teammates.


Dogs for arena would be nice, wouldn’t you like to know who’s comin’ attcha? :blush:


Logs sorry sorry about that


How can I do contact the support of I can’t enter game last 2 days?


Maybe this has already been suggested, but is it possible to add a “buy 100” option for silver chest. Im currently trying to spend 80 million gold for the spend gold contest and its incredibly annoying being only able to buying 10 silver chest at a time.
Or include an option to buy gold chest for like a million.
Or include a “High Roller” merchant that sells larger numbers of scraps, gear, torches for high gold prices.

In short, any way to speed up the ability to spend larger portions of gold, so during contests one doesn’t have to spend hours just buying silver chests. Thanks.


I just want to say that just before I was cut off and made to go to The Forum my particular character ends up having problems in the game just before it cuts off I was at level 96 going to 97 and next thing I know it it says that I just progressed to level 77 and a lot of weird things went ahead and started happening please fix this my whole game is totally glitched. And I just put a $10 purchase to purchase all the specials that were on there I hope that will be there when I get back to the game please