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So I also want to say is that I am on server 3 if that helps and my guild is 420


I think too much emphasis is being placed on the epic dungeon. Ive just played 10+ levels in endless, and have only received 1 boss key. Ive gotten several epic keys. Ive over one hundred of them, but only a few boss. Please make them more accessible.
Thank you


I just wanted to say that most of everything was replaced so thank you


I so agree I rarely get any boss Keys myself isn’t there any way to get more of them without having to go through so many levels


I would like to suggest for it to be possible to change teams in the Epic Dungeon when a player has a minimum of 10 orange rank heroes available


Well I just want to say that I tried to get three boss keys for the quest that is going on actually now and was only able to get 2 one in the dungeon and one for playing the dungeon. And I have went through 40 levels in the endless dungeon and only got one boss key. Please make it more accessible to get the boss keys I ran out of time trying to get another boss key and was unable to finish the quest because of that. That’s absolutely ridiculous I should have been able to finish that Quest.