About Tower and Trials and Boss Dungeon


Dear Per Blue
As you already know, both Hero Exp and Hero Skills Gold cost have increased dramatically since the introduction of Red Rarity and Essences, therefore we need a fair adjustment to both Tower and Trials to compensate for these new requirements.

Your Boss Dungeon is been abandoned for months now, and most of his Bosses are close to obsolete under this current new meta, PLEASE add 3 new Bosses to make it alive again, as well as a hard mode to make it feasibe for item grinding, plase give some deserved love to it, since is been dead for a while now… I think it would be awesome if you add a descendant of Shark Sczar, Night Mare and Goddess respectively :wink:

P.D. When is Totem Prince getting his epic ? :sunglasses:


New trials and towers are on their way. The trials should be part of 3.3, the towers…it wasn’t really clear.


Totem will be next month or month after

Boss dungeons?
Well they keep mentioning new stuffs later in the year…


I totally concur. But what bugs the crap outta me is spending time in endless for nothing. After level, what, 60(maybe, I’m not positive) there’s a boss on every level but why? We don’t get any more boss keys. And we get some crappy item that we prolly don’t need! As for the boss dungeon, same thing. Wander around endlessly for just about nothing. Our guild is server 8. So we can finally get the neck past level 110. I was hoping some of the dungeon stuff would improve.


All hail the Shrine Goddess


Level 70.

And you get three boss keys in a day.
If you collect the first two, use favour on the third and only collect the key from your shrine daily after that, you get a minimum of five a day.

Depending on your VIP status, those items you probably don’t need, are essential to people that cannot farm every campaign level 100s of times a day.

Running the boss dungeon on hard is a great way of building your inventory too.
For me, as a light / moderate spender, I find the dungeons rather pointless now too.

But it’s like any mobile video game.
You spend time, or money, or both on it to get good.

There’s an overhaul coming.
It’s long overdue.

Till then, just run the endless for epic keys and spend your time in the epic epic dungeon farming the shards for crystals and epic skills to get your heroes stronger, like the rest of us.


Up until yesterday, grave wraith was always in my arena defence.

Now Scion of chaos is.

And dragon heir is used every war for the first of my two war attacks.

I don’t know what meta you are using…
Here is my new Scion line yesterday, while I sat on plat 1 before jumping to challenger.


Dungeons do pay extremely well. I have all heros maxxed epic and gear… Yet I’m in there everyday
Boss keys and epic keys…
Free gear, I sell for gold…
I earn nuggets…sell for gold…
Hero xp is decent enough although needs to be adjusted slightly to pay better…
Sphinx dungeon xp… For free torches each day…
earn influence trophies by the thousands… No need to spend stamina farming that
Pony shards… well… just because hoarding is fun.
Double (normal/elite) campaign consumables…
And the amount of gems I’ve earned in the last 130 days in there is enough to avoid buying most deals


Well now I need to dungeon lol


Speaking of which… Dungeon Critical Succeses used to give up to Orange +3 items after floor 80 or so, please have them back… not THESE:


P.D.2 : please add Totem Prince Epic on your next Patch, Panther Stalker does about everything better than him xd


Old epics come out two a month

This month…
Well I’ve already made my guesses last week

It’s not looking good for totem


I really hope it’s never Mohawk, but they buffed Noob and Mohawk :frowning:


I get those 1/6 crits I pick up… And yes it’s disheartening to see a lesser needed item pop up. Purple things like that shouldn’t be in the critical successes. They should ideally be in trapped chests

Either its 5 or 10 Pony shards
A full purple.
A full red
A full orange
Or the combined crit with 2 or 3 items stacked
Keep digging around they do eventually become beneficial :wink:


If they make a Boss Hero based in Goddess I’ll spend money in the game again xd


I’m just waiting for a pixie hero.
Pesky devs making me wait…