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Was scrolling through the full list of badges recently, and saw some called ‘first onebox’, ‘first email reply’ and ‘complete tutorial’

And I thought to myself, What?! I don’t know what any of this means, and huh, there’s a tutorial. I never did that. Bet that would be really useful so I can find out what ‘oneboxing’ is…

  • Never heard of it
  • Heard of it, no clue how to use it
  • Pro oneboxer

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But I couldn’t find any tutorials, and was a bit confuzzled. Luckily, after over 30 minutes of scrolling searching for an answer to my confuzzment.

Seen as it took me so long, I thought I’d spread my newfound knowledge to those who don’t have that much time to scroll and find the tutorial.

Step 1. Hit the icon in top right

Step 2. Search for messages from @discobot . You might have to scroll down quite far

You should find yourself at this page (if not chances are you’ve completed the tutorial)

Step 3. Bookmark this post by discobot (bookmark icon is highlighted in blue is above image), from here the tutorial should start, follow the steps, and by the end you’ll be a pro discourse user!

Once you complete this tutorial, reply to discobot with ‘@discobot start advanced tutorial’ for a… you guessed it… advanced tutorial

Hopefully I helped someone out, and didn’t waste too much of my time :laughing:



see, because I did the tutorial, I know how to do that

don’t ask why that was on my clipboard :wink:

Didn’t know what a somnambulist was until now… And weirdly I sleep walk a lot :rofl:

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