Account Blocked

My friend have his account blocked (13days blocked) and he dont know why, and he want to still play and nobody respond, i submit a ticket and there told me i have to speak with the comunity, my friend sent a message to the comunity and nobody respond too, he just want to still playing, please unlock that account

Some tickets take some days for PB to answer.

But are he sure he didn’t say or do anything that was against the ToU?

But hopefully this will be fixed fast, so he can play again

maybe his account was blocked because of the game name

I love you weed hmmmmm

I have seen a lot worse than “weed” in peoples name


So long to respond, any administrator can unlock that account please @Polaris

It’s not about just unlocking the account

Something happened that got him blocked in the first place
So PB will take time and figure out if he should be unbanned or not

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