Account Suspended 12

I was peacefully eating a KFC $20 Fill Up to see that my account was suspended. Isn’t that great. :roll_eyes:

What did you get from KFC? It’s important

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Depends how many of your accounts are still active I guess.

Looking forward to the quiet.

P.s. it wasn’t me, I’m just amused.
These things happen for a reason

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I’m an idiot. Oops. I blame Mici.


I’ve never reported anyone that didn’t make direct threats against my children.

Everything else is the game.
They are sacrosanct.

Also, now I really want KFC

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Finger lickin good

P.S. Aren’t KFC fill ups $5? :thinking:

I wonder what happened?
Must have done some naughty stuffs :thinking:

Won’t have been suspended for no reason…

So you can’t have been eating your KFC very ‘peacefully’ as you probably have a faint clue of why it happened

Gaining trust so that you can be promoted high enough in a guild so that you can later kick everyone out that is war chief and below… Prolly had nothing to do with it.

Just speculation. I’ve heard that happened is all.

To be faiiiir, while that is trolling (side note: also highly amusing!)

To be given commander rank by someone, and then kick the guild warchief and below like a commander can, is not breaking any of the ToS.

That prolly honestly had nothing to do with it.

Those affected by it will probably report wadda and every single one of the alts whenever they pop up to do or say anything in chat that is against ToS though.

Which will be why the suspension happened :slight_smile:


I got the “User of the Month” badge. They’re mocking me now.

Also I found a way to contact support on my Chromebook. I’ll update y’all soon. And, to be fair, Mici probably should’ve got the badge. Lol.

To be faaaiiirrr… Yes it had everything to do with it then.
Those not affected (like you and me for example) just stand on the sidelines and eat popcorn.

I prefer to sit on my chair and wiggle, while I eat KFC.
Much more comfortable.
Aaaannnndddd filling… :wink:

Wiiigglleee to the KFC beats

“New user of the month” maybe?

(I got that too😉)

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Heh, apparently I’m a ‘regular’ now.

This means what exactly - apart from a cool badge?

And can I lose it…?

Yep- you can lose it. Heard it from a friend.