Account suspended

My account on s10 was suspended over 5 days ago and was not given a reason. Have emailed both account recovery and support and received no response. Is there anyone else to contact since can’t contact anyone in game.

You must have done something that broke their rules.
Anything come to mind?

Wait for a response from support, give it some more time

It’s rare to hear someone has been suspended without them knowing why.

So, best choice for you is to wait

Entirely suspended or just cut off from forum? There are Forum offenses, multiple account rules and than some things that have to do with Playstore/Applestore. Sometimes a mix. Review all rules because sometimes you can be suspended and never be informed why.

It’s just the game not the forum, and regardless of what it’s for I don’t think a quick email reply about the reason and if it can be remedied is too much to ask.

I’m sure they will want to research it before they answer.

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