Adamantite nuggets dropping in dungeon


I’d like to see this item as a rarer drop but at least in the table to earn for free 2 play people
With the amount of gold spend contests and portal lords quests for spending gold … Not to mention hero skills are getting costly at higher levels …
Let’s take a vote on this

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30 votes… Not too shabby tbh.
Maybe attention to the cause has been earned :thinking:


Interest has been shown for these nuggets in dungeon
I leave the rest upto you lot at perblue :grin:

Thanks for participating everyone :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


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Hahahah for gold spend contest you nutter you need billions these days :joy::joy::joy:


I’m thinking clem is from server 8 or 9?

Don’t worry…
You’ll realise the value of them one day…

Probably when trying to keep the skills on your heroes relevant.


I know this thread is old now but…

I would like to see nuggets in the dungeon but I really think they ought to be in bundles (i.e. 5x adamantite nuggets from one chest) like hero XP.

I keep getting individual nuggets (the lower value ones, can’t remember what they’re called) and I’m currently on floor 560.

We really need extra gold to keep up with the huge increase in costs, but 50k gold per couple of floors is more than a little insulting.


It’s definitely insulting. Especially when crafting one red+1 gear can cost upwards of 700,000 gold with all the ingredients combined.
Red+1 to max all my gear set me back 80million and I already had thousands of the orange scraps and red ones… It was the crafting that hit me hard in the pocket


I keep meaning to make another post about gold drops/dailies not coming close to keeping up with crafting/skills costs but I keep forgetting, so I guess this’ll have to for now lol.


Digging this up again for fun… Wouldn’t it be nice to see these about considering the Hugh cost
(edit: high cost) to level up skills and craft gear