Adgem is a scam

I completed the world war rising and ff XV gem offers last week, filed a support ticket, and received nothing back from them. Register an account on Adgem and try to contact you and they will van you


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PerBlue can’t help, they don’t own Adgem

Any proof?
Always have proof when you accuse someone / something

Did you screenshot proof that you completed the offer? Are you certain you understood the requirements? For example, “complete castle level 15” means that you need to get to castle level 16.

I’ve done several without issue… Make sure you completed the terms of the offer and contact their support team directly.

I screenshot Ted both, sent support requests on both, never got a reply with all info provides

Again, had no issues with them myself.
But then the few people that had issues with fyber and tapjoy always shouted louder than the many people that did their offers , got their gems , and carried on playing.

If you completed the offers correctly and in a timely manner, and had never installed the games before , then I am sorry that they haven’t got back to you yet.

How long have you been waiting for a response?

Send an email to their general support address.

AdGem support can be found here:


I’ve had the same issue for the past couple of months.
I completed an offer at the beginning of December and was not given the gems I earned.
I’ve sent numerous emails to Adgem and they haven’t responded to any of them.
I’ve tried to contact them for almost 2 months and have now given up.
I’ve done many offers with Fyber and never had an issue.
When I google adgem it comes back with a bunch of negative comments and the general opinion is that they are scammers.
I decided to give them a second chance a week ago. After completing the second offer… NO GEMS again.
I created a support case but haven’t heard anything from them since then.

I contacted PQ support as a last resort… But I was told by “Samm” that they couldn’t/wouldn’t help me.
He told me that PQ doesn’t have contact info for their business partner (adgem). What a great way to run a business!! Subject your customers to known scammers and crooks!
I sent PQ screenshots of my completed offers, showing them proof that I completed the offers.
I told them they could go to adgem and find the offers… Then compare the offers reqs against my screenshots, they could easily see that I completed both offers.
However Samm told me that screenshots weren’t good enough.
I asked to speak with management but Samm told me that he doesn’t have a manager. He then closed my case.
I opened a new case and asked to speak with a manager or someone higher than 1st level support… Samm once again closed my case immediately.

I’m owed over 7,000 gems for the 2 offers I’ve completed.

I agree with you that they should have contact info for their business partner, but I guess they just made a deal to be able to offer free diamonds to us and indivual cases arent important enough to make regular contact valuable enough. There are sites where you can complain about businesses and where these companies then will get back to you though, a Google search of PB will help you find sites like these too I hope :wink: . But maybe because screenshots can be edited it isnt enough proof I guess. Still Samm is right in closing the ticket when he already answered your question in not having a manager, the only one higher will be the CEO :wink: .

So the only person higher than 1st level support is the CEO?? What type of backwoods company is PB?

The right thing to do would have been for Samm to have the CEO contact me if that was the case. I need support from them, not excuses

I just reported them to the BBB… I guess my next step is to call my attorney.

Hopefully the “them” you refer to is adgem.

Apart from pointing you at the actual company that hasn’t paid out for their offer, aaaannnndddd should enough complaints come in stopping the contract with adgem, there’s nothing that per blue are actually obliged to do here.

Don’t get me wrong.
Yes adgem should have more transparency.
If that is where you are pointing your legal team, then I wish you well, and pray you win.

Don’t shoot the middleman…

Stephen p new?

Unfortunately it was the “middle man” who partnered with known scammers, while also promoting them as being a trustworthy source for PB players to earn gems.
I never would have worked with AdGem if PB didn’t promote them in their game…

Having successfully completed adgem offers in the past (I would have included a screenshot, but they only show the data from the last 30 days), I find “known scammers” to be a rather subjective opinion of the company.

I agree that their diamond offer terms and conditions are clearly weighted in their favour, and some of the timescales and exclusions have less clarity than I would prefer.
But they are stated (in very small print) within the terms of the applicable statutes of law.

I also have to admit that my spam folder of my attached email address has never been so full, and the telephone calls about life insurance and energy suppliers are quite annoying at times.
But hey, I got some free stuff, so that’s the price I pay for filling in those boxes.

I am truly sorry that your experience with adgem has been such a negative one.
While I understand your frustration, the route that you are taking, and the company that you are pointing your finger at, is only going to lead to more frustration.

Speaking as someone who has also been in your situation, when 1 or 2 offers did not pay out, compared to the tens of offers that did.

Per blue have, in the past, ceased partnership with tapjoy in favour of fyber and adgem.
I am sure that they do monitor the number of people that complain about offers, and the integrity of the companies that offer them money to advertise in their games.

Either that, or adgem paid them more money to switch contracts… :wink:


Pesky company is operating within the law.
Those pages of terms and conditions have enough waivers in that any sensible attorney will laugh you out of their office.

The attorney that takes your case, is doing it for your money, and is a worse scammer than adgem.

Have a nice day.


It’s pretty common in game development for the team to be pretty small and for the “CS team” to be one guy who pulled the short straw and has to deal directly with players.

As for the rest, Mici is spot on. Your problem is with Adgem. You made a deal with them, they either did or did not live up to it. PB has nothing to do with that.

Ad deal companies are notoriously bad at communication.

I’ve had better luck with Fyber deals personally but I’ve done both and only ever had one ad deal not pay out from either company and that one turned out to be because I’d missed some small print


imagine having more omniscient common sense than an omniscient being of the forum.

it would be nice