ALandDownUnder on S1 Recruiting

Cleaned out the inactive members (except for the guild founder), & now have 12 spots available!! Open to ACTIVE players of all levels. Daily’s, war, Portal Lords, & contests!!!

{Inactive for us = 7+ days without any online activity, unless you notify us.}

Join ALandDownUnder on Server 1! =)

So the leader is inactive?
Someone claim his throne?

7 days is a lot for inactive without reason

I mostly have 2 days max without reason for my s8 guild, since the beginning

The founder, not the leader. 7 days because life happens.

Radical Dreamers. A server one guild maxed on perks, but short on people. Looking for people able to war (30+) to rebuild and earn rewards. No chat app needed, but a discord server with some very experienced players should you want or need that. Join us?

P.s. our guild founder is still the leader.
And active.

Just saying.

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