All the players on my guild are dormant for a hundred some days and I joined

And so I’ve been playing for a week or so and I thought I was just getting hazed or a sickly shunned by The Guild I join and not paying attention I guess I didn’t even really want to start a second team how it happened I don’t know but that’s not the point the point is all these guys I thought playing on my Guild’s shows one person they’re all been dormant for a hundred days I better 9 or 10 guys Alban dormant and I’m playing by myself the last week as hell I did have a good weekend fun but I also could have been the only strengthen somewhere else and you’re getting reaping the benefits of team play which is what it’s supposed to be about

I just woke up

And I have no idea what you’re saying / asking about

Are you talking about guild members who have been inactive for 100 days and that are still get the benefits?

I read your post twice and I think you’re saying that you joined a guild where most or all of the other members are inactive and that you probably could be having more fun/getting more benefit in a more active guild. Thats accurate. You could be.
I’m just not sure why you’re posting here instead of just finding a guild that IS active.

You can look at that when you’re scouting guilds to join.
From the “view guild” option you can use the drop down to see Last Active and a variety of other stats.
Personally I look for a guild that’s not carrying a lot of dead weight, that has at least a few other active players at my level bracket and also that doesn’t have a ton of higher ranked officers but that’s all personal preference.
Use the info available to find a better fit for you.


so what you’re telling me if I want to join a guild I need to check out every player and you know when there’s 40 and 50 people in one of them and you want me to check all the stats to make sure they’re active that should be your guys’s job not mine I mean truly I can’t believe the response I got back especially I do apologize I didn’t know the proper channels to go through Ior the proper etiquette and whatever you want to call it didn’t really read the book at first I knew I thought you guys was just a group of people that met and have fun with it and got online and talk about and realize he’s going to need official book of regulations and everything like that that’s that’s fine. I read it and I know that’s what it is actually the right protocol I don’t really appreciate you sending me things from wiki saying about that comedy and all this and all that now it’s hard enough keeping up with the reading of this of reading to stay up with the game and then you send me a wiki more stuff to read that has really nothing to do with the game and you sent to me to have me read all that’s kind of bull crapI guess it’s really you know I can talk talk about you and about 7 funny words from George Carlin back in the day I know jocularity you know you’re funny word doing is sending me amusing at all in fact it wasn’t even funny now you just answer my questions and I’m sorry I didn’t proofread it because I thought you were just people trying to improve the game you just I guess I should be impressed but it’s your job to do this and I’m doing it because it’s supposed to be fun you know what you did is kind of I’m not trying to take the fact that I’m handicapped or anything like that into consideration I just think that you let people know you you make it so hard to try and follow them rules if you can’t find them try to look for The bookmark sure I had to do this and do that you know all good and well now I know now I just know I could probably should think about maybe be considering where I spend my money at times you have a good day

Just click on last active.


Like that.

It helps

What server are you on?

I’m on…
Most of them

Happy to offer suggestions , if you actually want to talk about your expectations for a guild and what you want from the game.

Just find a Mici. Search for those guilds?


Don’t judge those numbers in the middle.
It’s getting more and more embarrassing to post that screenshot…

I’m not sure exactly where the defensiveness is coming from. The tone of your response and the fact that you keep using the phrase “your job” makes me think you may not realize this forum is populated by other players just like you. It’s not our “job” to monitor guild activity.

You made an observation and got some suggestions in return.
If you have specific questions you’ll get answers to those too because in fact a lot of people here DO want to help you.

Taking a look at a guild before you join it takes 5 minutes.
As @Pixie_Mici demonstrated above you just go to the guild info screen and use the drop down to look at what matters to you. There is no rulebook. Finding a guild that suits you is 100% personal preference.


Five minutes?

How slow do you read…? :wink:


I’m not sure where you’re heading with that I just wasn’t nothing reading in this game that I shouldn’t have to do a check every Guild every you guys obviously are very smart when it comes to this game and I’m not going to deny that I’m just learning you remember that and you know I don’t need to be talked down to nothing like that whoever sent that letter suggesting read this and that and that’s fine and if that’s how you want to be with about it not being defensive I’m going to go on the offense and it’s taking us actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words.

Which is why I offered to help you, if you want

Find me on a server and ask?
Orrrrrrrrr… Don’t.

Up to you :slight_smile:

I treat people as they treat me
So… That offer I made?
Is open to everyone.

Just be nice , and I’ll be nice to you :slight_smile:

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You belong in an inactive guild if you are too lazy to find yourself a good guild and look at their inactivity prior to joining. You sound like a deadweight yourself…

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Could you please learn about punctuation it makes it easier to read than long novels without any seperation but i guess your spelling is ok so that part made sense but now we sll need to read your posts a couple of times to discern what it is your saying instead of taking time to answer and provide nice screen shots to hrlp you when we remember we were all once just like you new to game and we used in game chat to find a guild but then left and found another until we found one we fit in with and were happy until we were not or we lived there ever after

If you’re looking to join a guild there’s a few things you should do first. 1. Check activity
2. Read bio 3. Check level requirements if any
4. Make sure there’s space 5. (And this is merely a guide) compare your power to those in the guild so you fit somewhere in the middle. You don’t wanna be a burden or be carrying others.
If u just blindly join a guild chances are it’s not going to be a good experience.