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Dear PB,

Thank you again for the anniversary fun stuffs. We were all very surprised by the introduction of 2 new heroes for sure! Since we were told there would be no more, I doubt a lot of people were hoarding their gold chests. I hate to complain about good things, but here’s the thing…you’ve given us something unobtainable. With the new heroes not being in elite campaign, the only place to get ascension and hero shards is in chests. Which was fun and fine when we didn’t have ascension. But we do now… X3. You’re game economy for new heroes does not reflect that. At all. The amount of resources, as I pointed out in a previous post, is actually pretty crazy. So what are we supposed to do with these 2 new heroes that we can’t use because we can’t obtain the resources to promote? We need thousands of hero shards, ascension shards, and epic gear and have very few places to get those. I am hopeful that the anniversary contest this weekend has incredible rewards, but I’m not confident it will get us to 3* ascension. Please crunch the numbers and reconsider ways that we can get the resources for the new heroes. Thank you!


What she said.
With more attitude, and language bordering on inappropriate for a family forum…

Interesting variation in value.

Thank you at least for putting the new heroes in the shops.
People with crusade and arena tokens to spare could go nuts

Crusade, arena, fortress, war and tourney shops can be used to get hero shards. But they can only be rotated every 2 weeks, and millions of tokens are needed - which I doubt many have.

Some refreshes of cosmetic token shop also give 20-100 epic scraps every single time for both of them (long as you finish all other epics first). I think most of tens of millions of red coins if you’ve played the game for a decent while.

Not to mention dragon heir shards.

Or bacon golden with 4* ascension lol.

It’s a crunch, I totally agree. More options are needed to obtain resources. Anyone that isn’t a hoarder, even a heavy spender, is in trouble. It took, from my experience, 80k x1000 epic chests to max one epic (285 levels). The current $20 deal in the shop give 4K x1000 epic chests….

That’s $1200 to max epics to 1140 :joy:


Hey, if @KRISpy_Bacon can do it, why can’t the rest of us…?


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so 70k heroic, 24k x10 gold chests , 5k finesse chests , 2k tank chests and 3k damage hero chests is just how much it took, +10 million tokens refreshing for epic scraps. not sure on monetary value but was stuff hoarded thru multiple accounts that I consolidated, with no new toons again I’d presume for a good while, I’m more than sure I’ll get those rewards back through progress rewards of contests each week.

I do agree tho that this is far to much for any player to have to endure , along with the 3* . As much as I love this game I’m in a position of no longer caring, my best days are behind me and when I can no longer get a current toon up to par usin elite resets then my time will be done. I’m very hopeful that x3 elite drops will be a more frequent thing, as well as the elite resets bundles sold for diamonds will now also inflate to match what is now needed. quad trials should also be a permanent feature as well as all modes permanently unlocked. small things admittedly but goes along way to keeping the game afloat for those that do still enjoy it


Contest rewards are pretty decent. But they give ascension shards.

If you’ve got the new heroes to A3, at least in my experience, you need more normal hero shards and epic scraps than actual ascension shards :laughing:

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Trial resets also help a lot with epic scraps, but some of us are waiting for that to count for a scraps contest

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Trial resets DO COUNT for scraps. However - the issue here is at most recent count - only 5-6 members TOPS in each guild have been able to ascend the new toons to 3* and it’s been nearly a week since they were released. This is MORE THAN FRUSTRATING to many in game and continues to promote the divide between those guilds with heavy spenders - or heavy hoarders - and even those VIP 20 players can’t manage to ascend in many cases - which seems counterintuitive. I know of many who are ready to just call it quits as a result - please consider placing these new toons in elite to make them more attainable by the general population and not just those who consolidated numerous accounts and/or hoarded chests once the edict was give. That NO MORE NEW HEROES WOULD BE ADDED. While we enjoy new content - this feels extremely unfair

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Considering I haven’t spent anything in years, I’d say for this one it’s about planning and hoarding and playing rather than spending. Which to some people is a welcome change. Why reward players who spend more? That’s a business decision, not a fun and games decision. And it’s not fun if everyone can complete everything in just a few days, because then everyone quickly reverts back to bare minimum engagement.


Pobably many are also waiting for the XP contest before promoting to 3*

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