Already made a ticket but epic noob is broken


Did a one on one with lion knight. Noob doesnt stay silenced for 5 seconds. Hes able to cast his white skill and he gets rid of the silenced debuff.


You already made a ticket
So why this extra thing?


Not broken. This is an interaction between Lion Knight’s Epic and Noob’s Dodge Skill. Lion Knight’s Epic applies a 1-second silence per tick of damage (5 ticks total, so an accumulated 5 second silence). If one of the ticks of damage is dodged the silence attached to it also lost. This results in Noob (or any hero with Dodge) being silenced for a shorter time.


Wow thanks for the answer @Polaris I would never found out lion knight skill worked like That :sweat_smile:


Can concur Noob isn’t broke :sunglasses: he’s working brilliant in spars for me after he’s epic… He was wicked before that anyway for things like that… Just have to manual and time the skill use perfectly to make it happen


To get a really fast answer @Turtle and being able To cancel my ticket :sweat_smile:

And learn how some skills actually work :upside_down_face:


I see :smiley:
Today Polaris is fast and is answering posts