Ancient Siren is very good


All her skills ESCPAILLY


Well this forum was nice while it lasted…


Adam, go make your own forum


If you view it like this, it kind of looks like a badly written poem :see_no_evil:


The discourse is so active atm


Active, yes.
Helpful, no


Helpful to me YES


I am unclear how you posting each hero is good is actually helpful to you, yourself.

What is your major malfunction?
Is there some deep seated trauma that you are trying to work through?

I would advise that actual professional help would be more appropriate, rather than spam posting on a random internet forum for a mobile video game…
But hey, whatever works for you.


Inget what you’re saying


I’m glad that I amuse you.

Unless that laughter is to cover up the cracks, and that terrible voice in the back of your head.


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