Android: Client crashes when claiming weekly reward


Hey all, it is Monday here in Australia so I just claimed my weekly reward but as soon as I do, the client crashes immediately. When I load back the game, the list has reset and I am currently 1/5 but I can still press the claim button. But every time I press it, the client crashes.


We’re looking into this, and hope to have it fixed with a stats change on the server. We’ll update here when that’s done!


Thanks for the quick response.

Will I still be able to claim my reward for last week or will I need to wait until next week to claim again?


Same here . Lost all loot… Any help?


If you hit the red X and got an issue you should be able to restart and re-claim (try this first!).

If you just lost all chances to claim, submit a ticket and we’ll compensate you! Sorry :frowning:


I got my rewards fine