Annoucements for next month what happen?


Its nice that you guys keep updating the game,i would like to know new changes in servers updates for july especially i know july 4th is coming up,it would be nice you guys put a new challenge for the heros and extra xp for level cap because its increasing vary high very time i level up.


In the discord leader’s chat it was mentioned by one of the devs that more levels for tower are coming
(if that’s what you’re concern was)


I think he meant like a holiday event so he could know to hoard Stam crusade etc and be able to have advantage.


It’s not an advantage if everyone knows about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the surprises, this is when hoarding becomes nice, haha


I just like that they update the game every month


Hey there! We try to give as much notice as possible for our upcoming updates, but try to keep events a surprise as well! It’s a careful balance. :slight_smile:


R they any way to get the skins or a Easy way or some cheats


Currently the only way to get skins is to be in a qualifying rank that awards skins in a contest or to get it from being in the winning faction in Portal Lords.

Also, don’t ask for cheats, especially in a public forum that has the game’s moderators and developers.


Especially after they just fixed a massive one, that completely skewed their dungeon statistics.
And probably was one of the reasons they made the Dragon heir dungeon so hard…

“Oh gosh, people are managing to beat our dungeons so easily… we better make it worse for them…”

“How are they still winning? Let’s make it worse”

“Oh. They are glitching their way back into the start of the dungeon for free and keeping all their perks. Let’s fix that.”

“But let’s leave the dungeons as hard as they are, even though the players now can’t stack shrines or torchlight.”

Yeah, thanks for that per blue.
Struggling to get my first epics on the later server, as I can’t get past floor two :frowning:

Rant over.
Cheating is bad, mkay?
So don’t do it.

Or pm me the latest workarounds.
Cos this is killing me :frowning:


Lol dungoen is hard,but I think if that raise the lvl cap the heros get stronger to get through some dungoen floors.


Yep. I’m level 91 and cap is 100.
It’s torture :frowning: