Announcement: Server 1 and 2 Merge Details

Hello Server 1 and 2 Players!

Recently, we merged Servers 4 and 5 together in Portal Quest’s first ever server merge. After reviewing the process and monitoring stability and so on, we’ve decided to move forward with merging Servers 1 and 2 next.

The merge will take place during the last week of September. A specific date and time will be announced in the near future. The overall merge process will be almost identical to the previous server merge, but please check out all of the specific details below to make sure you’re totally up to speed on any actions you have available to you.

There are some noteworthy changes that need to be highlighted:

  • The Guild War season on Server 1 will be reduced by 14 days to match the remaining duration of Server 2’s Guild War duration. All Season rewards will be delivered as normal, and we’ll announce the start date of the next Season after allowing some time for the dust to settle. Keep an eye out for an official Season start time on the forums and in game.

  • We’re moving forward with reducing the Guild size on Servers 1 and 2 from 45 to 40. Guild Influence spent on the relevant Perk will be refunded. When this change takes place, nothing will immediately happen - no members of any Guilds will be removed automatically. However, your Guild will be unable to queue for Guild War or participate in Portal Lords until your Guild size is 40 Members or less.

We believe that this change will be healthy for the game long term, and allow for a greater number of competitive Guilds that will keep the Guild War and social scene fresh.

Finally, Server 1 and 2 players will be able to transfer belongings from alternate accounts after the merge is complete. Please review the following details to see exactly what you can transfer, and what it means for your alternate accounts:

NOTE: Players are not required to merge accounts, if you want to keep both accounts as is you do not need to take any additional action.

The following are able to be transferred:

Resources, including

  • Hero XP
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • VIP and Raid Tickets
  • Shop Tokens
  • Torches and Epic/Boss Keys

Inventory items, including:

  • Fully Crafted Items
  • Item Scraps and Epic Gear Scraps
  • Chests
  • Consumables
  • Hero Shards
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Guild Trophies
  • Unlocked Cosmetics

The following are UNABLE to be transferred:

  • Anything equipped or inherently attached to your Heroes (excluding Cosmetics), including:
    • Equipped Items
    • Epic Gear or Epic Gear Levels
    • Skill Levels
  • Full Heroes, Hero Stars or Hero Rarities, or Hero Levels
  • Team Level or Team Level Experience
  • Dungeon Experience or Dungeon Experience Levels
  • “Banked” Stamina
  • Unclaimed mail
  • Arena or Royal Tournament Rankings

Additional things to keep in mind if you’re considering a transfer:

  • Spend all of your stored (“banked”) Stamina prior to the merge - use it or lose it!
  • Normal and Elite Campaign Progress will match the state of the Campaigns on your destination Account, including unlocked chapters and earned Stars.
  • Dungeon depth progress will match the state of the Dungeon on your destination Account, including unlocked Boss Dungeon difficulties and Epic Epic Dungeon.
  • Finish your Daily Quests to claim as much loot as you can, because no Daily Quests will transfer.
  • Unlocked difficulty levels for Tower, Trial, Dungeon, Crusade, etc will be derived from the Destination Account
  • If you are a Guild Leader and are transferring, it is highly recommended you designate a new leader before transferring, otherwise your Guild will be forced to strip your leadership themselves.
  • Inform your friends! Your transfer account will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED following the transfer of goods to your Destination Account, and your friend list WILL NOT automatically update.
  • Guild War crowns on Server 2 will be matched to their Server 1 ranked counterparts, and tiebreakers identical to the current tiebreaker system will determine the final rankings. A new Guild War season will start soon, so prepare to fight your new rivals for your rightful spot in the rankings!
  • Challenger Arena Leagues will demote the bottom TWO players at a time until the Challenger League size returns to 100 players
  • Regular Arena and Royal Tournament Leagues will merge and split as always after the merge. You may however notice an increase in the amount of splitting/merging while things settle down post merge.
  • Break down any equipped Epic Gear Crystals on any accounts you are transferring out of, as no equipped Epic Crystals will transfer. By breaking them down, you’ll get 50% of the Strength or Vitality back, which can then be transferred.
  • Chat Silences and Bans will carry over and be unchanged

Finally, here are the steps for how to request a transfer:

You have approximately 2 weeks from when the merge completes to request a transfer, after which we will no longer offer account transfers.

  1. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer your goods into - this will be your DESTINATION account
  2. Make a note of the Account ID you want to transfer goods OUT of - This is the account that will be PERMANENTLY CLOSED after the transfer is complete.
  3. Submit a ticket to Customer Support with both account ID’s, and carefully indicate which Account ID is the Destination Account (i.e the Account you want to KEEP), and which is the account you’re transferring goods out of. To help us expedite these requests, please include “Account Consolidation Request” at the top of your ticket.
  4. If you have multiple accounts you wish to transfer goods out of, please indicate them all in the same ticket.
  5. We will review requests for multiple transfers on a case by case basis to ensure fairness to all players
  6. Note that this is an IRREVERSIBLE PROCESS, and you will never have access to your retired account again.
  7. Sit back and relax - Player Support will process your request as quickly as possible. Transfers will only begin taking place after the merge is complete.

Final disclaimer:
You must always have been and currently are the sole owner of all involved Accounts.

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Hello there server merge :wink:
I’ve been expecting you :heart_eyes:

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Fantastic bringing back all the reasons some of us quit s1 in the first place.

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Good old dependable and predictable guildmates :slight_smile:

Finally I will have less dailies to struggle to get done…

Super Mici v2, here we come.
Just need to check I still have a space in the guild…


Oh darn it I got flagged

Sorry perblue overseer’s :joy::joy:
But you know as well as I do there will always be a few bad apples amongst the harvest :joy:

Let’s re word it

Yeah some s1 players are drama llamas
It can’t be helped and tbh hopefully o7 scars em off so we can all have a vibrant community filled with fun and enjoyment for pq

Hope that’s better suited :heart_eyes:

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Well I liked it :wink:

To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever flagged a post on here.
Maybe once when I was called a stupid a***hole retard of the decade lol.

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Fantastic news!

20 characters.

So who you gonna bundle s3 with…

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Oh dearest Per Blue, only a question here remains… how are we going to successfully complete the hardest difficulty on Fortress when you are reducing our guild size from 45 to 40 (that alone is potentitally 25 less attacks from every guild).
I am sure also… we are also losing the extra diamonds from the 45th check in, without having in consideration you are FORCING us to kick 5 members from our guild with this underhanded manouver of guilds being unable to do War and Portal Lords unless they have 40 members…

Please reconsider these facts UNLESS you are compensating us somehow over these daily facts.


Fewer members = fewer fortress lines.


Clearly you didn’t read patch update where they’re adding another new fortress difficulty…

The Fortress difficulties only give you lines based on how many members are in the guild. Less members results in fewer lines. Otherwise guilds who aren’t at full capacity wouldn’t be able to complete it.

When will the S3 be dealt with

Is this active now because I’m tempted to kick all in my s1 guild to test this.

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My 45 member guild vs my 28 member guild.

Line numbers scale based on guild size.

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Are Potions able to transfer?

Yeah, they transfer too.

I’m assuming you’re referring to Strength and Vitality, in which case yes, both of those are eligible to transfer as long as they’re not associated with any equipped Epic Crystals. Crafted Epic Crystals won’t transfer, but if you break them down ahead of time you can get a 50% refund of the raw Strength/Vitality you used to craft it, which will be capable of transferring.

What’s the point of transferring , I have s1 and s7 and have all hero’s on both accounts. Lv 95 max skills. On s7 and 107 on s1 but not max skills yet.
I just keep both.

This only effects S1&2. Transferring some resources would be helpful, like epic shards and potions if your not maxed yet. It would also make it easier to only have to keep up with 1 account vs 2. Unless you have no life and use all your time to play with a zillion accounts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: