Announcement: Server 1 and 2 Merge Details


That’s not very nice, Mici is right over there.


I am really looking forward to getting down to three servers.
And when they decide what’s happening with server three, I will only have two :slight_smile:


No response on the daily check ins bonuses thst we’re gonna lose out on? :frowning:


Lose out on? PB is just changing it back to how it was before. Everyone complained about the extra 5 members and begged to go back to 40, now that they are granting your wish its a problem? There’s just no pleasing you people smh.


I barely saw anyone who actually complained about 45 members.


Hello. As someone who regularly has to try and recruit people, I am guilty of complaining about the 45 member size guilds :slight_smile: And I stand by it :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough. I’m sure guilds who had trouble keeping more than 41 members are excited.


I think guilds not at the very top had an issue getting 45 people


Lol, I’d like to see which thread you were looking at… I never once voiced how I wanted this change. In fact, when it was ASKED for our OPINION about it, I was quite against it, for three very good reasons. This one being one of them.

When all you do is take, take, take, people leave, leave, leave. But you’ll find that out eventually, and become just as annoyed as the rest of us. Lol


Top guild on s1. We have 4 alts for ap donations. Too many people quitting to stay full. We’re the number one guild in war and have been for 2 seasons. Can’t get anyone to join.


You are not the only person who plays this game or that was asked if they should reduce the guild sizes, and in the original thread most people were for having it reduced, the biggest concern people had was they didn’t want 5 random members to be kicked, which won’t happen, you just won’t be able to participate in guild events, which is fair. And let’s face it the only people who are moaning about it being reduced are the people in the top 5 guilds, because they don’t have to recruit everyday, they don’t know how hard it is to get a full guild of active players when All they have to do is post that they they are recruiting and it gets filled within an hour. The fact that the top guild are apply only shows that they get ro pick and choose who joins.


Thinking that top guilds are all against size being reduced and that they have no problem recruiting is just ignorant. “Application only” isn’t because they can, it’s because they have to. This above shows that.


Hmm, the reply to my first post implied that I wanted this. I wanted it abundantly clear that I was strongly against it. No where in his text did he say that the majority wanted this-- which they didn’t. The thread that asked our opinion on this implementation received strong opposition.

Believe what you want. I don’t care, but you’re reporting false facts-- that or we’re thinking of two different threads.

We’re still talking about a guild member reduction and not a merge? I remember quite a few (more than few) wanted a merge. I support that completely, and so did several other folks, especially in the higher guilds.

Also, just because your guild is capable to have 45, doesn’t mean you must have that many. I mean, I can understand that thought process, yeah, but it’s not a necessity.


I know players are good at identifying problems and probably not good at solving them but why not hold back on the reduction of guild caps to 40 when the merge happens? My proposal is that maybe the merge itself could solve the recruitment problem and people won’t be forced to kick members to do their activities. If it still doesn’t work after the merge, then proceed with the reduction.


I’m guessing a server merge is enough chaos so that a guild size reduction wouldn’t cause another uproar in the future if they happen at the same time. And if the guild size is a huge part in players leaving the game (I don’t know that), then it’s better having it early before it’s ‘too late’.


Fair enough. What I said was based on the fact that the top 8-ish guilds in my server have 45 active members.


I guess all top seven guild’s in server 1 are using alts? Because they are all full. Also I said that the only people that are moaning about the reduction are top 5 guilds not all of the top 5 guilds are moaning. Can you explain to me why they have to be set to apply only?


I take back what I said, I didn’t realise that he was replying to you. Sorry.


Because we have power requirements. If I set it to open, anyone can join as long as they’re at the level I set. Level and power don’t go hand in hand, so I’d be booting people frequently. Additionally, I vet all potential members to make sure they have line and are active.

And besides that, I never have my guild with less than 45 people anyway. We need the ap donations more than the players, hence the low level alts.


So you would rather have low level alts than low power members? And that is exactly why you higher ranked guilds don’t understand how hard it is to fill up a guild. I can’t just not let anyone join because they have low power, or frequently kick people because of their power level, and the fact that you said that make me think you can easily fill your guild if you wasn’t so picky.
“Can’t get anyone to join who’s power level is above a certain number” is what you should of said in your original post.