Announcement: Server 1 and 2 Merge Details


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I sort of anticipated that as a follow up question. I should have included it in my post, but I was tired of editing.

I can let a lower powered player in instead of the alts but I feel that’s a little unfair to them (and not much fun) because they would have to not participate in wars vs the top 3 or 4 guilds that we face. And since we’re ranked so high, we get each other frequently. Why can’t they participate? Because the lines they face would be unbeatable for them. That’s how per blue has made it, not me. That’s why I am completely in favor of a catch up mechanism for lower spenders. That’s why I am absolutely furious by the o7 grind, it just continues to increase the gap. I’d love to have a larger pool to pull from, trust me.


Hey all,

Let’s keep this for questions about the server merge. If you want to go into more depth on the guild size discussion, please continue over here.



Do we have an ETA for the merge yet?



Sometime between:
26 / 9 War season rewards.
1 / 10 The start of the delayed PL.

Given 29 and 30 are the weekend…

I’m guessing either with update on Wednesday.
(This is my 99% guess)

Or Thursday, giving them Friday to fix any blips.


The server merge is scheduled for 1:00 PM CT tomorrow (September 26).

The next season of War will start on Monday, October 1.
All account consolidation requests must be received by October 10.

As with the previous merge, all servers will be down during this process, and we anticipate it will be a bit longer than our regular update downtime.


So this will hurt rankings and war rewards for almost everyone? Can you confirm? Or will rewards be based on old rankings on original server?


We were informed in leader chat today that rewards would come prior to the merge and be based on the current rankings.


^^ good. That seems fair.


Really why don’t others join you then. I got blamed for kicking someone out of guild and never have kicked anyone and if that keeps up. I will be looking for a new guild. Since now I am in 5th place of the strongest in my guild and only been here for less then 40 day’s. Over 250k lv 110 but still have a long way to go


S3 is fine just the way it is



Less than 50 active warring guilds?

S3 is in the worst shape of all of them, even before the other merges.


Calls other people drama llamas, but makes senseless posts that cause even more drama…


And we wouldn’t have @Cottontail any other way :slight_smile:

Between him and @AERITH2 they are the only people that make this horrorshow bearable


Is there a definite deadline for when we can merge our accounts? I see approximately 2 weeks, but it would be helpful for an actual date.


10th October is when we have been told :slight_smile:


Everyone lost their shop xp on update
And campaigns bring up error if you try to raid or fight


Known issues with the Merge:

  • Errors in the Campaign
    • This is related to the extra Guild Influence that was refunded with the Guild size max being reduced.
    • In order to resolve this quickly, we will be taking that refunded amount away for now, and will be returning it with a client update. We are hoping that’s 2.12.1.


So we finally got a shop change on S2 then you do the merge and the war shop goes right back to what it was… it’s cool I didn’t want owl bear shards anyway :frowning:


But does this mean that you can transfer your account from server 8 to server 1 or is it only if you have an account on server 2 and 1?


Only if you have an account on the implicated servers (1 and 2 in this merger)