Announcement: Server merge coming soon!

Portal Quest’s First Server Merge Is Coming Soon

During the last week of August, we will be merging servers 4 and 5 together. The merge is aimed at bringing new life and fun into the game as more active players are grouped together. Because both servers are at the same Team Level/Rarity caps and have the same availables heroes, your day-to-day life as a player on either server shouldn’t change much. An exact date for the merge will be provided as we get closer to the end of the month. Read on for a detailed breakdown on the what/whys/hows!


Portal Quest has always offered a broad array of servers for players to play on, each set at staggered progression levels to allow for new communities to grow up together at roughly the same pace. As new servers are launched, older ones are automatically closed off to new players (unless they specifically choose to create an account on these “closed” servers). Due to this, servers naturally shrink in size over time.

The idea of server merges in PQ isn’t a new one, but is certainly something we’ve been interested in doing to keep competition fresh and the player base strong as the game continues to mature. We’ve decided to merge servers 4 and 5 initially, and are leaving the door open for additional merges down the road (if and when needed). Due to servers 4 and 5 being on identical content levels, these two servers are a good fit for a combined player base.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we expect to be some commonly asked questions. As always, please feel free to post your feedback or any questions you may have that aren’t covered here!


Q: Why can’t I make a new account on server 4 or server 5?
A: As of 8/8/18 we have suspended the ability to create new accounts on these servers until after the merge. At that time the ability to create new accounts will be reinstated.

Q: What if I have an active account on both servers?
A: After the merge, you’ll have both of your accounts on the same server, in the exact same state they were in prior to the merge. That is, all resources, heroes, progression, etc. will be unchanged.

Q: What if I want to consolidate my Resources onto one account?
A: You can! By submitting a ticket to Customer Support, you can have all of your Resources, items and VIP transferred to the account that you wish to be your new “main” account. The other account will then be closed. Take note that we are unable to transfer Heros, Hero star progress, skill levels, and epic gems.

NOTE: We will only be accepting requests to merge accounts AFTER the merge has occurred, and up to 14 days after. At that time account merges will no longer be available.

Q: What if I want to consolidate my Item Inventory onto one account?
A: You can consolidate your inventory just the same as your Resources by submitting a ticket to Customer Support. Note that this includes all Gear, Gear Scraps, Consumables, Hero Shards, Epic Shards, and Chests.

Q: What will happen to my Guild after the merge?
A: Nothing! No changes to your Guild Size, Perks or Members will occur. However, there will likely be some changes that are Guild War related. See below for more on that.

Q: What about the Guild War Season?
A: We’re timing the merge to happen after the latest Guild War Season ends on servers 4 and 5, so there should be no impact to your current War Season.

Q: What will happen to my Guild War score?
A: Since Server 4 Guilds have, on average, quite a few more Crowns than their Server 5 counterparts, we’re going to increase Server 5 guild crowns to match Server 4 Guilds in the rankings at the time of the merge. The reason for this is to avoid Server 5 Guilds getting demoted unfairly in the overall rankings, and to put all Guilds on an even playing field that matches as closely as possible their overall rank from before the merge.

Unfortunately there can be only one 1st/2nd/3rd/etc place, so tiebreakers will be used to finalize the rankings at the beginning of the new season. The tiebreaker system being used is identical to the existing system that’s in use, and will analyze scores and when they were achieved PRIOR to the merge. While your Guild may lose (or in some cases gain) some rankings at the beginning of the season, Crown totals will be lined up enough that your Guild should end up exactly where it needs to be after the first few battles.

Q: What about the Arena and Arena Rankings?
A: Arena Leagues will automatically form and split/merge/etc as normal after a merge. You’ll definitely notice an increase in Arena League splits initially, as both Server’s Leagues merge together at once. This should calm down naturally as the game smooths out League size automatically.

Challenger leagues will have the biggest difference initially. The Challenger bracket will demote the bottom TWO of the bracket at a time instead of the bottom one until a normal sized Challenger League is established, at which point things return to the bottom Challenger players being demoted one at a time.

Q: What about Royal Tournament?
A: See previous question.

Q: What will happen If I am the leader of a guild on each server?
A: Nothing! You will be the proud owner of two guilds on the same server.

Q: What if both of my guilds have the same name?
A:In this instance simply submit a ticket to CS within 14 days of the server merge and we will offer both of your guilds a free name change.


So since you are merging 4 and 5, whats going to happen when 1, 2 and 3 will inevitably require merges. You either merge all 3 or end up with 1 server being screwed?

Well that just about covers everything I would’ve been inclined to ask about
Thank you for the heads up and detailed explanations :wink:

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Isn’t Server five down one full hero… are we ever going to get Birdbarian? And is server five going to be compensated for our lack of time being able to gather the same amount of resources as server four? Server five is going in at a disadvantage, well that is if you only really play on one server.


The aim is to band together players as much as possible between the various servers. With potential future merges in mind, we’re paying close attention to where each server is at content and progression wise. We definitely want to avoid “stranding” a server whenever possible.

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This is true, Server 5 is slightly younger than Server 4, and there’s a small disparity in overall time between the two servers. The goal is to get the two servers as close to each other as possible in terms of progression, and have a variety of things planned to help make that happen.

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Thanks for responding! Anxiously awaiting how this will play out.

I hope there will be an ingame announcement letting people know they can merge account resources since not everyone checks the forums.

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So are you going to push server three hard with cap increases and screw us free to play players to being at the same level as one and two, screw the new server 4 to get up to server 3, or just let server three die and not merge?

If you want to keep your free server three players my suggestion is either slow us way down and let the new server 4 catch up at a normal rate or do the same with I assume new server one and let us catch up at a normal rate…

I know that won’t happen though.


To answer “So are you going to push server three hard with cap increases”:

No, there are no plans to accelerate or put extra pressure on server 3. If and when we decide Server 3 is viable for or would benefit from a merge, we will endeavor to make it as painless as possible and fair to everyone involved.


Do you know which way is being leaned towards, put us with 1&2 or with 4&5? I’m obviously biased to 4&5?

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I can’t really answer this exactly at the moment, there’s a lot of factors to consider when considering a merge. Each server has different progression points, so there’s a lot of bases to cover there. With the caveat that this is 100% not final or a guarantee, in a world where Server 3 would be merging, I would lean more towards it being with 4/5 than 1/2.

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Ok thank you.

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Playing on all five servers, my initial bias is that three is closer to four and five, in terms of levels, heroes, etc.
Server one in particular, and server two were both open longer before a new server opened.

After server three, they seemed to accelerate…

In one of the guild chats after the initial announcement, my take was that 1 and 2 would most likely merge and 3 would squish with 4&5.

To be fair to server three…
It is in as bad shape as four and five, and would benefit greatly from joining them.
A quick glance at the war stats, to show how many guilds are actually active in war is all it takes to see how healthy a server is.

Following that, a glance at the power disparity / ability to fill the top ten guilds should confirm it.

Luckily my guilds are all called different names now on those servers, so no free name change needed :slight_smile:

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Active warring guilds this season

Server 1: 124 (how many of those will start the next season, next week is dubious, as a lot have very few points)
Server 2: 77
Server 3: 51
Server 4: 101
Server 5: 62

Yes the maximum size of the guilds on servers 1 - 3 is 45, but there’s not that many full guilds out there.

I look forward to the future merge announcements…

To be fair, we dont have lion knight after you (From a player on s4)

Putting out this much information about such a major move is definitely a refreshing and and welcome change. Also thank you @Hawknet for responding to comments in the thread


Biggest question about s5.

The super important meta hero Birdbarian.

Will all members of s5 be given him at 3* or something as compensation during the merge?

Even if he is September login it will still be unfair as s4 has had him avaliable for longer so s4 members will have 5* compared to us JUST getting him.

He’s not Mets anymore

Yes he is.

Bird Fox punk is the established meta sleeper.
All these Fox wraith punk people are kidding themselves (mainly because wraith is easier to farm)

I keep using mass for Bird everywhere but server one, for the same reason.

Non whale meta back lines are:

Bird Fox punk
Oasis hunter/bowman pony
Scion hex/hermit Dragon
(I know that sounds odd, but I’m f2p these days, so struggling to get serpent or tempest battle ready yet)

Front lines dependent on opponent, but

Claw with ginger / ice / warden for sleeper
Maiden wander for oasis pony

Whatever you have left for the Dragon
Ice and lion is fun
Swash dagger for stealth / cleans.
Or swap in wraith here for your focus and go brawler cog :slight_smile:

Given I am usually the least powerful / bottom of my guilds, I have to choose my heroes and my war hits very very carefully.
I’ve only ever been kicked from one guild, at the very start of the game (and to be fair it was for trying to jump to another one lol), so I can’t be too far wrong.

Yes there are better lines If you are a spender and can build a different line for every attack.
But for broad strokes…

War hit 1 (Not against epic wander)
I build ginger warden mass Fox punk
Sub in wraith then Bird as they become available.
Sub in claw when he available.

Then I dungeon to build
War hit 2
Whoever I have plus Wander princess hex pony
Sub in scion for pp asap
Brawler as soon as released

Wait for ages for maiden and oasis and epic skills for hunter / bowman.

Once maiden wander oasis bowman pony set as war hit 2, war hits 3 and 4 are built with the cast offs…

That’s my meta.
I would honestly love to hear what other people do.

Because, to clear early crusade, I’m also having to build binder, to run brawler claw Fox binder mass.
While waiting for maiden wander oasis bowman pony line to be ready.

I’m not planning to start server nine.
But the early builds seem a bit fractured at first.
If there’s a simpler way, would love to hear it.

Also, to put this back on topic…
Anyone on server four should check out nightmares when we get there.
We are small, but a perfectly formed, tight knit community.
Looking for similar guild with LINE to merge and claim our rightful place in the top five of the new server.

See you in September :wink: