Antidote Recruiting S1


Top ranked guild but you dont have to be top ranked to join. We need geared reliable people to fill our ranks. There are warchief opportunities for the right applicants we could really use another line caller in the Central time zone 7pm-2am window. PM me in game or on line @ crewmansix


What’s the pay like and how many hours a week will I have to work?


Oooh. Good questions.
If the pay is right, I’ll join you.

All my last guild gave me was one lousy $20 stacked deal.
That was ages ago.

And they stole my pants…

(To the person that gifted me that deal, I am as you know, very grateful, and only using it for comic effect here lol)


Well Snaga does owe me a cookie so you can split that if you’d like.


Fluffy already made cookies.

I was like…

(My bunny stealing a cookie gif is too big, but I can send it through line If you want it)

No thank you.
A cookie is not enough to recruit me.
But thank you for your kind offer.


It’s probably about as much as your current guild leader gets paid…


I dont think so I like Zack but hes not getting that cookie. I’ve got to keep it for recruiting apparently


What is the general line for recruits?


We need people who are reliable first and foremost. We run metas 6 total but 3 overlap to a degree. Each player will need to max atleast 2 lines to have 2 solid attacks each war before 18hrs after it starts. Communication is all in the LINE app. War attacks require screen shots and warchief approval. We compete in guild weekend challanges and PLs usually in the top ranks.


Ugh. LINE. Never mind.
While I have probably got most of the meta, or at least the stockpile to raise the odd hero that I don’t (depending on if you have some weird meta lol)…

There’s not enough cookies in the world to make me reinstall LINE.

Pretty pictures might work.
It did last time :wink:


I don’t like rules, my creativity being choked out1 by metas, or working for free soooo I guess I’m out. Best of luck to you guys! You really missed out on a priceless guild member when you threw demands at me. You’ll regret this someday. :smiling_imp::smirk::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


Awwww… that made me sad. :frowning:


Lol, it was a joke! It was supposed to make you smile :grin:


Everyone’s happier without pants


<----- Happy :):smile::smile:



You can’t see it, but neither of them are wearing pants


I’m happy without pants but no one else wants too see that. Plus on my bike that could cause some wind burn.


No exercising… problem solved :wink:


Dang it.
Line and exercise?
This guild is looking less appealing every message…