Any Regular badge people help xD :)


Where do I find this :smiley:


btw pm me it because it is “secure” for only TL3+


I don’t think it exists here. It did on ds discourse. It was called the lounge. It was not used frequently. I think the most popular post there was how to get the “regular” designation to show up on your name…


ohhh ;(

PB make a lounge :smiley:


So we can tag people that don’t have access to it, and mess them up trying to find it…

I mean for actual things , not trolling.


I looked all over for it when I had the badge. Maybe email the mods?


It’s called the discord leader chat. And only special people can get access to it.
They have a open bar, free buffet and lawn bowls. It’s disgusting.


The open bar is only on patch note and update release days, unfortunately.


Patch notes?