Any Regular badge people help xD :)


Where do I find this :smiley:


btw pm me it because it is “secure” for only TL3+


I don’t think it exists here. It did on ds discourse. It was called the lounge. It was not used frequently. I think the most popular post there was how to get the “regular” designation to show up on your name…


ohhh ;(

PB make a lounge :smiley:


So we can tag people that don’t have access to it, and mess them up trying to find it…

I mean for actual things , not trolling.


I looked all over for it when I had the badge. Maybe email the mods?


It’s called the discord leader chat. And only special people can get access to it.
They have a open bar, free buffet and lawn bowls. It’s disgusting.


The open bar is only on patch note and update release days, unfortunately.


Patch notes?






Did you find the lounge @Turtle?


Maybe soon :slight_smile: @Pixie_Mici


nvm Mici, Polaris said no ;(


Aww, sad ending


Who said this was the ending?
Two years from now, @Adam_the_gamer will comment.

This is just the intermission


Whether he will have anything worth saying…
Is another thing.

Oooh @Polaris you could give me the rights to close threads?
Only when they are clearly ended.

If you feel I ever abuse this power, you could strip me of it…


Congratz @EpicGoddess on being a regular

Haven’t noticed until today xD

Now we have more people for the lounge


Not sure what I did or when it happen, but I’m looking forward to this lounge now :grin:


I actually liked the lounge in DS Discourse.
It was more fun in early days when there were only a few of us and we could hide from some of the more turbulent posters.
Then folks figured out how badges worked and started treating getting them like quests so all the riffraff got in :slight_smile:

From an admin side those of us with the ability to move threads could move the more problematic ones into the lounge area to get them out of the general population until a dev could get on close /delete it.
Sadly it got used for that a lot.