Any update on the War glitch & if we're going to get matched today?

Nobody has addressed the situation yet, so I’m wondering is there anything being done about it?

@Polaris @Samm are you matching S1 today?

We were matched with epi and then it went away and we haven’t got matched yet

I just assumed everyone was waiting to get rematched

Still no war at Fallen souls and we had match with Rawr. Load back in and nothing

Every other time this has happened, they always match us later. But today we have heard nothing.

It’s usually taken care of within the first two hours, but I haven’t seen any kind of response to the issue from PQ’s side.

@OhRlyeh any word on S1 war today?

Do they work on Sundays :joy:

Probably not lol

Still no war!!!

Still no excuse!!!


Is there anybody out there? :woman_shrugging:t2: Did anyone noticed S1 wasn’t matched?

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Hello, hello …

I have become…
Comfortably numb.

I blame Bob.

Just a little pin prick

Wow. No nothing.
I assume people raised tickets?
Usually there would be some sorta response from PB about something like this.
No global mail, no forum posts.


It’s Sunday

Was paired for a WAR at 10 am central time. Game crashed and now no WAR still on server 1. Some guilds have WAR and most don’t

Doesn’t matter what day or time of day it is.
A fundamental part of the game has broken. It should have been looked into.
War is (I assume with confidence I am correct) the main reason people spend money to get toons updated.
I am guessing it will get acknowledged later on the US Monday… and a compensation mail will come through at some stage. Can’t wait to get my 30 stam packs and 50 diamonds or something.