Anyone else lose all RAID tickets after today’s update?


Where the heck did all my RAID tickets go?! All gone after the update this morning?! I’m on server 9 and was happy to see the bump of the max level to 110. It was time for another day of hammering the Raid button to get me team level up.

I got to 106 then suddenly was presented with a message stating I needed more RAID tickets. Something had to wrong as I was just in our Guild Shop a couple days prior and was playing with buying RAID tickets. However I didn’t really need them as the count showed over 5,000.

I’m pretty confident that I didn’t tap the RAID button 5,000 times. Add to that, that normally it tosses back another ticket during the raid so it takes forever to consume them.

I don’t think I’m crazy and wondering if anyone else noticed this.


You don’t have to tap raid button 5000 times to use 5000 raid tickets
You can do multiple raids

But you probably used them

Never heard or seen someone lose raid tickets


Raiding one at a time?

Good luck with that as levels increase

I hammer the buy 10 stamina button six times (any more and it tells you to spend before you can buy more)

Then click raid , raid all.

Repeat until heroes geared

Pesky incremental games


I do the same. Max out my Stamina refill, gets me up just under 4K to consume, then build up all the scraps to make the gear, to get everyone fully outfitted. At 6 stamina per tap, I just realized that I’m getting 650 taps out of this thumb each round of filling up. God I hate this LOL

As a side note, I quickly got my Raid tickets back up to a good amount and was able to max out the crew. Now I wait…