Anyone thinking Essence Inventory?


So I am wondering if I’m alone in thinking an essence inventory would be nice. I have been working on a specific hero trying to fully max them. I put alot of resources into gearing a character to red for the essence. I go back to my hero in need to not see the essence. I start searching through and finally found the problem. The essence was not showing until it was raised to red 2. What was frustrating was realizing i already had plenty of that specific essence that just needed raising with xp. With a way to actually see what essence we have, this could be avoided.


You’re welcome


I even took one off , so that I had an item there lol


I’ve never seen that before. Hmm…


Now you have :slight_smile:


Thanks Pixie_Mici I never noticed this now this is a lot easier I owe you one. Server 1 Waino


Any time

P.s. this answering every thread is all your fault @Waino :wink:


Thank you!!! I never realized thats a drop down menu…feel a little dumb at the moment lol


How’s this my fault